Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas feel?

Time had passed by as in a heartbeat! It's already December of 2013, in less than a month we'll be welcoming in 2014! Is like my mind still can't process the facts that it's already December now! Gosh.

Well, i had been a good blogger lately right? Constantly updating my blog! Anyway i have to take some time to show my appreciation to your for cheering me on after reading my previous entry (Click here for my previous entry) on my past! Can't believe that your are willing to read through my extremely long blog post though! (: I really can't thank your enough guys! Love you guys a lot, thanks for cheering me on! HEHEHE.

Okay! So, this year for some reason i don't really have the Christmas feel and i don't understand why however i quite look forward to celebrating this joyous holiday with my love ones!

Recently i went to catch up with my friend Julin & Yelinda to town and i have to say the Decorations and lighting there really allow the ambience of the whole Town area more vibrant and also more Christmas like hence we took some picture over there despite it being ridiculously late at around 11:00pm and went home close to 12 midnight!

So this was my casual/lazy outfit of the day! 
So i really like this picture a lot though!
Don't ask me why i just like it plus it's one of the nicest and prettiest picture that was captured! 

So how was the pictures? Nice right? (: Not bad for an iPhone quality!

Moving on, so before taking all the picture your had saw above we went to have dinner and also simply catch up with each other! Due to the facts that they are both working now we seldom have time to simply catch up and talk as all their time is consumed at work!

We went to Sushi Express to have our dinner there and i think it was worth while as one plate of sushi cost $1.50 and i personally think it's quite affordable despite the facts that there's Service Charge and all! I personally think that the sushi served there are limited as i couldn't find Salmon Maki and all (Or maybe i didn't stay there long enough?)! However i think i'll visit it again in the hope of having more variety of Sushi!

Nearest MRT Station: Somerset MRT Station, 
Address: 313@somerset, 313 Orchard Road #B3-28/29, Singapore 238
Operating Hours: 11:00am to 9:30pm

Okay, so after our dinner we went to slack around and of course we took selfies hence let me show you guys some of the random and weird selfies which we had took! Yes, i know some of your will be like What in the world? Selfies again? But you know what? You only live once so live your life to the fullest! HAHA. 

Thanks for reading my blog once again! Be sure to check back my blog for more entry, love you guys for reading! I'll see you guys soon and before i really end this post here's a random picture for you guys <3

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