Monday, November 19, 2012

Off day (1)! - Day out with sister and cousin!

It has been 2 weeks since i last posted in this awesome blog of mine! Sorry guys, I have been really busy working though. Yes! Many people have that mentality that i could earn some cash with this blog of mine. Yes! That's true however i don't earn much with it though, hence i need a real job that pay me monthly though! :3

Ohwell, despite me working i still found some time to head out though as just by working is a tad bit no life to me hence i have to go out! So apparently a few days back when i was working my cousin contacted me to ask me if i am free to go out on Sunday and i was like yes so yeap! This post is about my day out during my off day! :D

So me and my sister woke up extremely early to prepare ourself as my cousin wanted to have breakfast over at Marina Bay Sands! Well, i wore something really casual as we have decided to go for a walk over at Gardens by the Bay after breakfast! :)

We went over to this Taiwanese restaurant called "Din Tai Fung" located at Marina Bay Sands and for people who don't know what this restaurant is about you can go to their web page to know more about their history and legacy as i am rather lazy to elaborate it here :/ Hence click "here" for the link to the website to know more about this restaurant. Anyway here are some dish that we had order:

Chicken! The texture of the chicken is really nice however the portion is rather small as you can see. Ohwell, this is just the starter though!
Steamed Chilli Crab and pork bun! Extremely yummy, it taste like "Otah" though!

Truffle Xiao Long Pao: I normally dislike to eat Xiao Long Pao however this totally change my mind, upon biting the bun sauce will flow onto your tongue and the taste is really nice though! 
This Fried rice is extremely delicious despite the portion is small :D
Even though the food was nice however i was not really impress with the service, I don't know if they are lacking of staff or what however we have got ignored a few times when we wanted to place order and also a few time when we wanted to get a refill for tea. Ohwell :D Overall i have to say the food was nice so i recommend you readers of mine to have a try sometimes.

Din Tai Fung (Marina Bay Sands)
Address: 2 Bayfront Avenue #B2-63 
Singapore: 018972
Tel: +65 6634 9969

After having our breakfast we went over to Gardens by the Bay to have a walk as my cousin and her family have not been there before though! :D Here's a few pictures on our was to GBTB! Wow, i have to say with a camera pictures turned out to be nicer than i expected though! Way better than a iPhone camera quality 

Well, yes! This is not my first time going to Gardens by the Bay however the previous time i went there i didn't really see stuff and did not took that much photos as my camera had broke down! However now...With my awesome camera, the pictures are sharper than ever and i have to say it's way better than my previous budgeted camera though! :D Ohwell, here are the pictures:
The colour of the plants was really pretty though! Well, this picture was not edited though! 

Look at how sharp this pictures are :D *Show off* hehehe! (:

Okay, the weather was really humid however soon it started raining and honestly my mind was like "Damn! A fun day ruined". So yes! We went to seek shelter at the place where to purchase ticket and i have no idea what it's called though ohwell! This is what happened when you did not do any research when going out :D ! Well, it was rather boring hence we started camwhoring using my cousin iPad so here are some of the pictures :D Wow, camwhoring is really cool when you are bored though! :)> Shall do that when i'm bored in the near future (^.^)
Taken and edited on the spot using my cousin iPad! We are the cat family though
Camwhore! Nice image right *FlipHair* like Justin Bieber....NOT!
So after the rain stopped we went back to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and head over to Cold Storage Specialty to look for some drinks and i have to say there were many cute stuff though  hence here are some pictures of the product which i found cute and awesome! :p 
Awesome sushi! :D 
Candy! :D Don't know what is it but it's cute so yes....Nice image 

Okay after that we went into Louis Vuitton to look at some wallet and honestly the stuff inside was really nice! :) Even though i'm only 16 however now i guess i really want to purchase one of the wallet though! Sigh. I must so work extremely hard for it! :p HAHA~ Anyway, the Louis Vuitton was linked to the Island Maision! :D Upon going out we took a photo and i have to say it was awwwwweeesooooommmmeeee! :D
The sun is just too bright! :/ Gosh!

So apparently it started raining once again and we rushed back to Marina Bay Sands and found a place to slack for awhile and do some camwhoring! In the end we stayed there for like 1hour30mins though! :D So here are some of the pictures though! (Not all as we have more the 180pictures including mine)!

This is like one of my favourite picture though! :D Nice effect is just that i think my Geek Specs ruined the entire picture though. Sigh! 

Cousin and sister camwhoring!
Okay, i'm in a rush though! Gosh. Have to go and prepare for my graduation night! Ohwell. 
So after the rain stop we went to look for McDonald as we are extremely hungry! :p Ohwell, after eating we went back home as i have to rush down to Novena to get my Contact Lenses. So yes! That's basically my day, is like adfter i reach home i fell asleep straight away though! :/

Saw all this on our way to the McDonald though! :/
Add caption

I'm really sorry if this post sound like as if i am in a rush, is like i have to go and prepare for my graduation night now though! ;/ I am really sorry :D Anyway! II'll try to blog more once i have the time! (: Thanks for reading my blog and i'll see you guys really soon! :D Byebye ! Will blog soon though. 

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