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Uncle Agony!

Apparently i had ran out topic to blog about for the time being hence i thought it would be fun to do a question and answer post and maybe try something like an "Aunt Agony column but since i'm a guy i guess it would be called "Uncle Agony". (: Anyway some of the question are found on my Formspring while other question are basically question which i had found on the net by people who need help from Aunt Agony websites. So let start!

Everytime i sit for an examination i will be very nervous and honestly it always affect my result. Is there anything that i can do to calm myself down?

For me i'll breath in and out like insane inside the examination hall even though it look crazy, however sometime it is useless hence i think you can think of some stuff to calm yourself down like going out with friends and stuff like that to calm your nerve down. For me, i always sing songs in my head to calm myself down and i know this sound insane but when you are in the will do anything to get good grades and not let your nerve affect your results :) Trust me! It's a good tip though!

I have been smoking under the influence of my friends lately and i feel really uneasy however i don't want people to say i'm afraid and stuff like that! I want to fit in and i don't want to get bullied again! Sigh....

First of all. I have smoke before under peer pressure. Just like you! However, smoking is really bad for health and the side effect may take 10years to recover like what the doctor said to me about my breathing problems. Hence stop smoking alright! I think you should leave friends like this, they are not helping you alright. If you are bullied and stuff like that you should seek help from Professionals like your teachers, school counselors or even your parents instead of blending with people who will ruin your future alright. Trust me! You'll regret it in the future hence stop now and find some new friends who will not ruin your life asking you to smoke and stuff.  

I am a guy and i'm 14years old and i had been bullied in school and people in my class are always calling me names and stuff like faggot, Gay and many negative stuff like that. How can i overcome this?

Honestly, i had been called names a lot too back when i was your age i think maybe from 13-15. I had been called Gay, Dumb, Faggots alot too. Well, it will help if you talk to some of your close friends in school and also if this did not help you try to create a private blog and stuff to rant out your thoughts. I'm sure this will help. Think positive, you have got only 2-3 years left. Just endure it! Goodluck. 

My boyfriend had been very cold to me and he's always texting someone else. Honestly imma suspecting if he have another girlfriend. What should i do? Should i check his messages? ><

Well, i think you should ask him why is he so cold to you and maybe ask him why indirectly like "Wow, we have not been talking a lot lately. I wonder why though?" or stuff like that. I guess, you should trust him for now until you find out that he have another girl than you should be mad as i personally think that "Trust" is really important in a relationship :). Hmm. I guess, if you are really desperate to know the answer than you should however if he find out....things might go haywire. 

Hello! I'm having loads of pimple lately and i have no idea how can i get rid of it! I want to look good at the same time when going out with my girlfriend and stuff. Why is this so? What can i do to make it look lesser??????

Hmmm..Maybe you are going through puberty now or you ate too much fried food? I don't know! I'm not a doctor though.Well, i guess you can use some pimple cream to get rid of it all thos acne roll on which you can easily get from Guardian or Watson :) If you want to look good without using all this product i think you can put on concealer. I know! Makeup are for girls you might think, however many guys nowadays do put on makeup to make them look better. (: Trust me as i'm one of them!  

I am in the Normal Technical stream and people are always telling me that NT students are stupid and will not be successful in the future. Plus i can't pass my NT syllabus and i'm really worried for my N level examination next year. Can you give me some advice on how can i get result like yours in the NT subjects cause i know you are op in level for your school for 2 times now? (This question a question asked on my Formspring)

Normal Technical students ca bright future too if they work hard for it. Okay, i have to say this! Back when i was in Secondary 1 and 2 i didn't really study that much though as i rather be playing games and stuff like that. I remembered when i was about to sit for my End Of Year examination i was still slacking with my friend and fishing almost everyday or my Sec 2 End Of year examination. However i got 2nd in level hence in Sec 3 i was determined to get first as it was really close and started brushing up my Maths. I can tell you that i've been really weak in Maths ever since Primary school and i had been failing a lot for Sec 1 and Sec 2 :/ Well, i asked my Express friend to teach me some basic algebra and stuff and slowly i learned. I stayed back in school almost everyday to brush up my Maths and eventually for my Sec 4 preliminary 2 examination i scored 93/100 for that paper. (: 

So i guess you don't give up and fight to be the best in whatever you can be this is how i got first in level. However it could be stressful though! (: Anyway All the best!

I'm a guy and i think i'm attracted to another guy though! But i am also attracted to girls at the same time! Am i abnormal? I am only 13 i don't know what is wrong with me. ):

Well, i don't think you are gay or abnormal. I think that you are what people called "Bisexuality" i guess. Don't think so much alright! 

My classmate/friend in my class have been touching me a lot lately and somehow i feel that he is gay, i'm gay myself hence i want to ask him if he is gay. Plus he is a very handsome guy however i'm scared that we can't be friend after that if he isn't gay. 

Erm..Well..I guess sometimes he touched you to have fun! Maybe you should ask him indirectly and maybe touch him back somehow and see how he react. If he seem to enjoy it well i think he is gay then? I don't know! Sorry. Can't help much though! But the problem is where does he touch you at? That's the confusing part though! 

My mother had been scolding me a lot and always ask me to help her tend her shop, however i have got no interest working for her and i want her to know that i don't want to work for her anymore but i'm afraid that she'll be disappointed in me. What should i do? Sigh.

Alright! I guess if you don't like it, you should just tell her about it so that she understand. She'll be disappointed, however she is your mother. I guess sooner or later she'll understand. Let time heal all this misunderstanding alright! All the best!

I have been having some friendship problems lately and my friend told me that i'm too bossy and stuff like that, however i had changed and they are still constantly leaving me alone. I hate it! I am starting to feel like i am invisible to them! Damn!

This is basically what is happening to me right now, well! I thin that you'll have to go straight up to them and just tell them how you feel. Even though it's straight forward however you have got the right to know why are they treating you this way. If they say things like "You never talk to us" or "We didn't know we are cold to you" just seriously unfriend them and move on with life like what i did. Well, you can don't do it though! It's up to you, goodluck!

Alright! Well, i have answered 10 question and i hope this help you and maybe i'll do more of this Uncle Agony thing again soon! Alright i know i have not blog about the Halloween post yet and that's because i have not gotten the pictures from my friend and yes! Will rush him soon :) For more question, you can ask me on my formspring

Thanks for reading my blog anyway! Appreciate it! Do check back soon!

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