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Uncle Agony (2)!

Back to update this blog of mine again! (: I had been blogging for some time on some other post which will be publish next time, while waiting for those post to be up i decided to make "Uncle Agony (2)" post though as it is one of those post which seriously attract loads of readers though! I remembered the previous "Uncle Agony (1)" post most of the question are pretty funny and also meaningful hence i wanted to be entertain with these question again! (I always enjoy answering people question though)!
For the Uncle Agony (1) post click "here"! Oh well, lets start!

Most of my family and relatives think that i am a punk just because i have got multiple piercing and stuff! I am  pretty sad though as i don't think i am a punk. T.T What can i do???

Don't let their words affect you, is like it's just piercing so ignore their words alright. Is like, you yourself know that you are not a punk and that's pretty much it! If they insist you are a punk and stuff again i think you should just confront them and tell them that you dislike them calling you a "punk" and that you are not like that and maybe you can tell them to not judge you when they don't even truly know who you are. I really hope this help. (: One last thing, if all that don't work. I think you can let time heal it all!

My results are super poor for this End of year examination! I dare not tell me parent about it as i scare they will be angry and disappointed in me...Next year is already my N level exam and i am still failing my exam.............tsktsktsktsktsk................what can me do? Should i tell me parent about my result or lie to them?

Remember this, there are no lies that can be hidden like sooner or later your parent will find out about the results. I guess it is best to admit it than to hide it from them, just work extra hard the next time round and i am sure you can pass your examination! All the best alright. Don't be disappointed, there is still time to change for the better. Is like you must stay positive alright, never let stress and disappointment ruin your path to success alright! Goodluck. Gambatte!

Some classmates of mine are pretty mean towards me and my friends in school. Most of my friends and i are in the Top 10 position and those mean girls would call us names such as Nerds, Loser and many other hurtful nicknames and i feel pretty sad though. Can anyone give me some advice on what i can do to get through the ordeal of mine? Please tell me. Thank you!

I think they are just jealous of your so called "Clique" results. Is like not everyone could get Top 10 though! Ohwell, i think that you just have to ignore their mean words alright, help each other in your clique and defend yourself the positive way (Not getting into fights, not scolding each other and stuff)! Is like if your failed to defend yourself talk to your teacher about this or talk to someone in your family. This could help a lot, is like back when i was in Secondary i was bullied pretty badly too and talking to my friends about it really helps a lot and after the incident i learnt that spitting out the negative words could actually make you feel better! So yeah, stay strong and all the best to you! As for you bullies, please stop hurting other people and ruining their life. You guys are totally being a bitch alright. 

I shall be frank here! I am gay and i honestly like this guy from my workplace however after i confess to him he had been avoiding me is like the way he chatted with me is like he likes me! Wad can i do now?

Shucks! This question is difficult though, i think maybe you can like ask him why is he avoiding you and tell him that it's okay that he don't like you but ask him to not ignore you? Idon'tknow though! I'm sorry if i didn't manage to help :x Plus you said that the way he chatted allow you to think that he likes you? Hmmm! Maybe he just don't want to accept the fact that he is gay or he is shy or what? Fuck it! Idk. So sorry :/ 

I dun drink beer, wine, Alcohol. spirits etc, cos I dun like the taste and it made me feel tipsy and drowsy after that.
However when I went to wedding function, party etc, when I declined to drink beer, I was teased, cajoled by people, saying come on, you are a guy, dun be a sissy, is your religion Muslim etc. I am a chinese btw.
I usually caved in and drink only 1 glass, no more than that.  any people also faced same situation as me? next time I attend a wedding, I will say, I dun drink thank you. if people are still insistent, I will say, fark you, I dun drink can I.

I think that you should be firm and just tell them that you dislike the taste. Plus, ignore those people to call you names and stuff! Just be yourself, is not like you don't drink you'll transform into a sissy or what right! So yeah, ignore them and just simply reject them and tell them the reason that you dislike the taste of those drink. Yes! Just shoot them right into their face but not to seriously as it might affect you and their friendship! 
An interval after 5 question answered! :)

There a fat girl in my CCA. The thing I hate about her is that she's always like posting "cute pics" of herself(which made me puke), she's thinks she's like, so pretty. I think she looks okay, but she should stop taking such "cute pics" of herself. Somemore, she's very mean! She rejects me in the CCA group work, saying i what "draw very ugly". She doesn't seem to like me much, and she calls me ugly!! When i want to help to paint a star, she rejects and ask me what i am doing there. So in the end, I have nothing much to do. She thinks i am ugly like the same way i think she's disgusting too.But i don't want to be mean like her! I also don't want to show her that i am a pushover! Should i spread her "cute pics" to the entire internet and shame her online?

No offence! I think that you should allow her to post those so called 'Cute Pictures" of herself as it is her Facebook and she have got like freedom to post what she want. She's mean? Maybe there are some misunderstading between the both of your? I think that you could ask her what she dislike about you and maybe you can tell her what you dislike about her and from there you can talk about those 'Cute Pictures" of hers and tell her maybe she should stop posting those picture in like a positive way instead of a really mean way :D! Nah, since you don't want to be mean than i don't think you should spread her cute pictures though! Ohwell, the final decision is still with you.

I’m in my early 20’s a student working part time. i splurge a lot of money on clothes and skin care products every month basically most of my salary goes there. i went through a period thinking i was bisexual but now, i’m very sure that i’m straight. i had several gf’s in the past but most of they are not supportive of what i do, my spending habits although i still spend lavishly on them. I used to keep a japanese style haircut which need to be styled by wax. now it’s quite long and i regularly spend on coloring, hair treatments. i also spent a few k’s removing my deep eyebags. as for my face, i would not say it’s flawless but i spend a great deal of time maintaining it as i have a morning, afternoon and night routine. i use many skin care products including pore minimizers, concealer, bb creams and some others. so normally i will take more than an hour to get ready to go out, this makes some of my ex’s very pissed.

Whoa! We are so similar, is like what's wrong with loving yourself? Is like we only live once and we must do stuff that will make us happy in any way! (: You can't go around please everyone right! Is like it's okay to be vain until you go start wearing Stockings and mini-skirts haha! :D Well, now i think it's time for me to ask you a question though :p If you see this please answer me :p How much does it cost of eye bag removal surgery and does it hurts? (: I think putting makeup on if to make yourself to look more perfect so i don't see why must your ex's be pissed! I do that too and i bet many guys out there put on makeup and wax their hair for an hour and stuff before heading out! (: For people who are judging guys who put on makeup and stuff to make them self look better....GO FUCK YOURSELF! :) I'm sure you'll agree with me! :p For your info this is also called "Metrosexual"

So this is the story.I had a cold war with my mum for the past 2days and it is borthering me on when would it stop?Any suggestions?

This is simple, it is pretty simple though is like either you apologise to your mum or simply let time heal this war, your are related though hence you will start talking eventually! Goodluck.

I will be going to Taiwan for reservist for 3wks,starting from next wk.The thing is i just get into this present relationship with my gf for only 3wks.I hate it because we are only together for such a short time and i also hate to admit it but i’m “scare” too.I’m worried will anything change after i came back from Taiwan.My friend say it’s no point worrying.Just take it as a test.But i just can’t kick away this feeling.It’s making me very moody these past few weeks.I hope someone can kick some sense into me….

I must agree with your friend. To me is like just treat this as a test and i think that if you trust your girlfriend everything will turn out to be fine! *Touchwood* if she break up with you after you come back and stuff that simply means move on alright as that simply means that your relationship with her is still not strong enough. Sorry! :/ 

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. Just last year, we both graduated from Poly, so I am currently working now and he is in NS. I started to feel the gap between us. I begin to feel that he is still so immature and childish. During my 21st birthday this year, he is still giving me soft toys as presents. I feel that I couldn't be with him anymore.  I wanted a Man not a Boy. I told him what I have been thinking last night and he cried, he told me he have been trying very very hard to satisfy me. I cried too. The word " break up" almost slipped out of my mouth but I didn't. I was soft-hearted, couldn't say it out at all.
And when he call me today, he acted like usual as if nothing have happen before. Very troubled now, can someone advise ? 

Just because he gave you soft toys for your birthday, you labeled him as immature and selfish? Did you expect him to give you something more valuable for your birthday? If that’s the case, the immature one is you. Plus, i think in a relationship one must learn to accept the other partner flaws and all! :/ So yeah think about it again! :D

Okay! I had just answered 10 questions and i had loads of fun though, i think i'm going to do an "Uncle Agony (3)" blog post soon! Hehehe (: Anyway stay tune for more blog post alright, See you guys soon! Ohwell for more question you can ask me on my formspring at my right sidebar or click "here" for the link to Formspring! Thanks for reading my blog and i'll see you guys soon!

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