Friday, September 12, 2014

Birthday wish?

In exactly 2 weeks (14 days) time, i'll be celebrating my 18th birthday yet here i am having a dilemma between being excited or scared that my 18th birthday won't be as great as my 17th birthday. #BirthdayDilemma :')

Why did i say that my 17th Birthday is great?

Last birthday, i received loads of love from my friends who helped me celebrated my birthday knowing i haven't celebrated my birthday since i was like 5 years old or something. No words could describe how thankful i am when one of my friend Jean (My bff) surprised me with a cake on my actual birthday as i haven't have a "Full cake" for my birthday since i was like 2 years old if i remembered not wrong. I was close to tearing up that day. Not to forget, i received quite a number of presents as well! My 17th Birthday is like the best birthday i ever had!

This year, i'll be turning 18 and honestly i don't know if my birthday will be as good as my last birthday however i had met new awesome peeps from my class and i also got someone that i like to celebrate my birthday with me this year hence i should be excited for it...right? ><

Many of my friends had told me that it is pretty hard to get presents for me as most of them claimed that i'm a perfectionist and also "High Maintenance" hence i expect expensive present and perfect cards for my birthday however i'm not really that "High Maintenance" like what my friend always say, don't believe? Let me share some of my wish for my birthday and from there your judge! :')
  1. Surprise at 12am: I had never had someone who would come down to my house at 12am to celebrate my birthday with me and most of my friend had tried that but not me hence i really wish there's someone who will come to my house at 12am and surprised me
  2. Birthday card from the special someone/friends*: Every year i look forward to receiving birthday from my friends and all however this year i started liking someone and it's my first ever birthday which would have that special someone to be helping me celebrate it hence i would really like to have a card from that someone as i did a pretty darn nice card (Maybe) for the someone
  3. Late night chat with that special someone*: I know a call may be super simple but it's in my wish list because that someone that i like detest to talk on the phone and somehow i really miss those late night chat that we had previously; hope that it'll happen again. Sigh
  4. Instagram dedication post: I had seen people receiving Instagram dedication post on one's birthday and i really find it super sweet! I had gave people dedication post on their birthday however nobody ever done that on my birthday and it's pretty saddening. If anyone would do that for me, i'll love you like mad! :')
  5. Kiel James Patrick anchor bracelet: I had always wanted a bracelet from KJP however i always find it too expensive to be getting it, hence if someone is willing to get that for me..i'll be thankful
  6. Wallet: My wallet is like tearing apart hence i really need a new wallet
  7. Fragrances: My Herm├Ęs fragrance is finishing hence i really want to get a new one and if there's someone who is willing to get it for me..Wow!
  8. Fashion related items (Clothes, cap, bracelet, pants etc): For people who know me, they al know that i'm in love with any fashion related items and most of my friend get clothes for me if they don't know what to get me however the sizes are always wrong..I'm size XXS/XS! :')
  9. Loads and loads of Macarons: If you don't already know, i am a huge fanatic for Macarons hence being able to receive them will the best!
  10. Polaroid camera: For the past 2 years i had always wanted to have a polaroid camera however my parent always tell me that it is a waste of money hence like i didn't get it so it became a wish for me to owe it 
See! I told you that i am not really that "High maintenance" right?

Yes! What i want is pretty simple and every birthday i just wish to spend it with someone who is important to me, someone who love me for who i am. That's pretty much all i care about :')

Alright with that i'll end this random post and i'll see you guys soon! 
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