Friday, December 2, 2011

Youtube :3 インスピレーション。

HelloHello :3 皆さん、こんにちは!Bonjour les amis (!)

As you guys can see there's this very stupid/random video of me at the very top of this post right (!) It's taken to match the title for my blog post today :3 Sorta shyshy while video-ing ! But it's okay uh.
Anyway, today post is all about YOUTUBE as you can see from my blog title and the video itself so here goes But today post will be a short one as i'm busy somehow ! 

Basically , Youtube is a really good place to share videos and watch hilarious videos be it : Comedy , Music Vidoes etc. So today i'm gonna show you some videos that i like under some Category alright ! :3 So the first category is :

MUSIC VIDEOS ,ミュージックビデオ :3

Funny Videos, 面白い動画 :D

Yeah , i shall post my blog till here alright more to come soon (!) I'm busy doing some stuff :3
Hopefully you guys will enjoy this few videos that i found in Youtube ! If i have the time i will post more but i'm so sorry i am super busy now ! D:

Message to the girl i love :
Girl , あなたは、甘い女の子です

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