Friday, September 12, 2014

Birthday wish?

In exactly 2 weeks (14 days) time, i'll be celebrating my 18th birthday yet here i am having a dilemma between being excited or scared that my 18th birthday won't be as great as my 17th birthday. #BirthdayDilemma :')

Why did i say that my 17th Birthday is great?

Last birthday, i received loads of love from my friends who helped me celebrated my birthday knowing i haven't celebrated my birthday since i was like 5 years old or something. No words could describe how thankful i am when one of my friend Jean (My bff) surprised me with a cake on my actual birthday as i haven't have a "Full cake" for my birthday since i was like 2 years old if i remembered not wrong. I was close to tearing up that day. Not to forget, i received quite a number of presents as well! My 17th Birthday is like the best birthday i ever had!

This year, i'll be turning 18 and honestly i don't know if my birthday will be as good as my last birthday however i had met new awesome peeps from my class and i also got someone that i like to celebrate my birthday with me this year hence i should be excited for it...right? ><

Many of my friends had told me that it is pretty hard to get presents for me as most of them claimed that i'm a perfectionist and also "High Maintenance" hence i expect expensive present and perfect cards for my birthday however i'm not really that "High Maintenance" like what my friend always say, don't believe? Let me share some of my wish for my birthday and from there your judge! :')
  1. Surprise at 12am: I had never had someone who would come down to my house at 12am to celebrate my birthday with me and most of my friend had tried that but not me hence i really wish there's someone who will come to my house at 12am and surprised me
  2. Birthday card from the special someone/friends*: Every year i look forward to receiving birthday from my friends and all however this year i started liking someone and it's my first ever birthday which would have that special someone to be helping me celebrate it hence i would really like to have a card from that someone as i did a pretty darn nice card (Maybe) for the someone
  3. Late night chat with that special someone*: I know a call may be super simple but it's in my wish list because that someone that i like detest to talk on the phone and somehow i really miss those late night chat that we had previously; hope that it'll happen again. Sigh
  4. Instagram dedication post: I had seen people receiving Instagram dedication post on one's birthday and i really find it super sweet! I had gave people dedication post on their birthday however nobody ever done that on my birthday and it's pretty saddening. If anyone would do that for me, i'll love you like mad! :')
  5. Kiel James Patrick anchor bracelet: I had always wanted a bracelet from KJP however i always find it too expensive to be getting it, hence if someone is willing to get that for me..i'll be thankful
  6. Wallet: My wallet is like tearing apart hence i really need a new wallet
  7. Fragrances: My Herm├Ęs fragrance is finishing hence i really want to get a new one and if there's someone who is willing to get it for me..Wow!
  8. Fashion related items (Clothes, cap, bracelet, pants etc): For people who know me, they al know that i'm in love with any fashion related items and most of my friend get clothes for me if they don't know what to get me however the sizes are always wrong..I'm size XXS/XS! :')
  9. Loads and loads of Macarons: If you don't already know, i am a huge fanatic for Macarons hence being able to receive them will the best!
  10. Polaroid camera: For the past 2 years i had always wanted to have a polaroid camera however my parent always tell me that it is a waste of money hence like i didn't get it so it became a wish for me to owe it 
See! I told you that i am not really that "High maintenance" right?

Yes! What i want is pretty simple and every birthday i just wish to spend it with someone who is important to me, someone who love me for who i am. That's pretty much all i care about :')

Alright with that i'll end this random post and i'll see you guys soon! 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas feel?

Time had passed by as in a heartbeat! It's already December of 2013, in less than a month we'll be welcoming in 2014! Is like my mind still can't process the facts that it's already December now! Gosh.

Well, i had been a good blogger lately right? Constantly updating my blog! Anyway i have to take some time to show my appreciation to your for cheering me on after reading my previous entry (Click here for my previous entry) on my past! Can't believe that your are willing to read through my extremely long blog post though! (: I really can't thank your enough guys! Love you guys a lot, thanks for cheering me on! HEHEHE.

Okay! So, this year for some reason i don't really have the Christmas feel and i don't understand why however i quite look forward to celebrating this joyous holiday with my love ones!

Recently i went to catch up with my friend Julin & Yelinda to town and i have to say the Decorations and lighting there really allow the ambience of the whole Town area more vibrant and also more Christmas like hence we took some picture over there despite it being ridiculously late at around 11:00pm and went home close to 12 midnight!

So this was my casual/lazy outfit of the day! 
So i really like this picture a lot though!
Don't ask me why i just like it plus it's one of the nicest and prettiest picture that was captured! 

So how was the pictures? Nice right? (: Not bad for an iPhone quality!

Moving on, so before taking all the picture your had saw above we went to have dinner and also simply catch up with each other! Due to the facts that they are both working now we seldom have time to simply catch up and talk as all their time is consumed at work!

We went to Sushi Express to have our dinner there and i think it was worth while as one plate of sushi cost $1.50 and i personally think it's quite affordable despite the facts that there's Service Charge and all! I personally think that the sushi served there are limited as i couldn't find Salmon Maki and all (Or maybe i didn't stay there long enough?)! However i think i'll visit it again in the hope of having more variety of Sushi!

Nearest MRT Station: Somerset MRT Station, 
Address: 313@somerset, 313 Orchard Road #B3-28/29, Singapore 238
Operating Hours: 11:00am to 9:30pm

Okay, so after our dinner we went to slack around and of course we took selfies hence let me show you guys some of the random and weird selfies which we had took! Yes, i know some of your will be like What in the world? Selfies again? But you know what? You only live once so live your life to the fullest! HAHA. 

Thanks for reading my blog once again! Be sure to check back my blog for more entry, love you guys for reading! I'll see you guys soon and before i really end this post here's a random picture for you guys <3

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Just being myself, just being us that's all!

"You're so dumb! Again why do you exist in this world?"
"You're ugly Edwin, you're a freak!"
"Faggot! Why are you so gay!"
"You ain't cool enough to be our friend!"
"Seriously, you only mixed with girls! Gay much!"

I heard it, i smiled and act like i don't care but deep inside i was crying. 
Back then i didn't have much friend to talk to, i wasn't really close with my teachers and all and i couldn't tell my parent what had happened even until now. Up till today, i would still get pissed off and sad whenever i think of what had happened to me when i was younger being called names and constantly being made fun by others. 

See, i wasn't really big in size when i was younger (even up till today), i didn't have much friend and i don't really liked soccer like how most guy like it hence i was somehow the "Special"(Yeah right!) boy in class! Anyway here's a sample of how do i look back then when i was younger!

Back then, i would always the "Extra"one in class teachers wouldn't look at me seriously. It sucks big time and i remembered me dreading school almost every morning.

There was this one year back when i was still a Primary 1 student, we had a spelling test or something like that and i didn't did well for the test and my teacher called me to the front and said my result was the worst and indirectly calling me stupid and all, all my classmate than made fun of me calling me stupid, useless and all (Take note, we are all Primary 1 students). I felt like crap.

When i first fallen from the EM2 stream to the foundation stream back when i was in Primary 5, some of my Primary 5 EM2 classmates laugh at me and mock me saying how can someone not do well in such simple exams and how can someone get like 9/100 for Maths and all. Even though i was hurt big time due to the poor result and all the comments which people make i still act like as if i don't care even though i care as i don't want people to pity yeah! Primary School didn't really went well for me. (Except Primary 6 where i only hung out with my fellow Foundation Stream mates)

During my Secondary School days i thought to myself that everything will be and all however i was wrong! I was still called the same thing but i met good friends who are always there for me! Friends like JunQi, Gerald and Benny. (: Secondary 1 and 2 was quite alright despite the facts that my Seniors who are older than me was always talking about me and calling me names when i am alone. 

I started to change and become someone who is constantly scolding vulgarities and all to try and fit in however i couldn't as to the "Cool kids" i was still the kid who is uncool and also feminine in that sense. Yes! I now i admit i'm feminine and all and i don't mind being feminine than to fit it to become mainstream with those cool kids, I embrace who i am and i'm born this way hence who are they to judge me. 

Anyway i remembered one time when i was in Secondary 3 my last year in the school, the start of 2012 some of my so called "friends" wrote on my worksheet the word "GAY" while i went to the restroom and honestly i was pissed off in that sense like why do i deserve all this and i was offended. However now that i think of it why should i care, at least i embrace who i am and i know what's right than to care about their comments and make myself feel bad. 

Moving on to my Secondary 4 life! So i started to excel in my studies and slowly acted like i don't care about people's comments about me even though i still cared about it, there was this kid in my class who would always make called me names such as Steven Lim and all which really funny and he meant it as a joke, however it hurt me! I got good result and all and he said that he could do better and don't even bother caring about how i felt and worst, he always trash talk others when he himself is no where better. Thinking of this now really make me feel pissed off even though this shit had passed by for a year now.


I shouldn't be so mad towards them now that i think of it. I should thank each and everyone of them who had teased me and all. Thanks you guys, thanks for teasing me and motivating me to work even harder to be even more successful than your, thanks for allowing me to become independent and lastly thanks for those days where your make me feel like crap as all this shit that i had gone through allow me to become who i am today! 

Alright, so the year passes by and i graduated my Secondary School with a pretty good result for my GCE N Level examination and now i'm living a happy life though sometimes i still get nasty comments from people such as my friends and relative however i no longer care as i'm not born to please them! Hahaha!

Okay, last but no least, let me leave you with some picture from my childhood to who i am today, just look at this changes in me!

Hope this blog post could allow your to know more about myself and also for people who are teased and all, make sure you tell someone about it or make a blog to rant and stuff. Don't keep everything to yourself alright! Life gets better, i can surpass it i bet you can too! Now that i think of it, i should at least find someone to talk to then keeping everything to myself! No one deserve to be treated differently and no one deserve to be bullied!

Oh! Watch this video, this kid was brave to talk about his story. He indeed inspired me!

Okay! Thanks for reading this longlong post of mine! I'll see you guys soon (:

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Short update maybe?

The long awaited day is finally here and that is:


Finally my exams is over and this shows that i'm done with my Nitec course (Like a finally)! I have got loads of plan for this so called 4-5 months holiday of mine and one of it is definitely to update my blog and keep it alive as somehow it's always me updating one post and MIA for the next few months before updating again! Oooops, seems like i just exposed myself!

Since the long awaited school vacation are here i decided to dye my hair since i had always wanted to dye it back to a lighter and brighter colour hence i did and also had a trimmed! So here's my hair now...drum rolls....

So this is my hair now and also a stupid face of mine! I'm thinking if i should like dye my hair brighter a not hence give me some opinion alright guys? Hahaha!

Alright! Met up with my friend Julin after my exams for dinner and here's what we got over at KungFu Paradise:

Look at how cute the smiley face is!
I have to say that i enjoyed the dessert the most, even though we waited for approximately 20 minutes for it however i think it was worth the wait! I don't know how am i gonna explain it however your will have to try to know what i meant! For people who have got sweet tooth, this is like the bomb! 

201 Victoria Street, 
#01-13, Bugis Plus, 
Singapore 188067
Tel: 6884 7375
Operating hours
Sun – Thurs 
11.00am to 11.00pm (Last order at 10.30pm)
Fri – Sat and eve of PH
11.00am to 2.00am (Last order at 1.30am)

Do go and give this place a try!

Okay! More from me soon alright! Going out with my friends soon! I know, i know! This is a really short update but it's alright as i'm coming up with a rather interesting blog post soon hence do come back to this space of mine more ofter soon alright! Okay, shall leave you guys a picture of me! :p

Love you guys for reading and i'll see you guys real soon! Meanwhile...

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Last day of school & stress stress stress!

So frustrated with exams and stuff! Well, nothing serious just me complaining! :(

Whatever! So it's Friday and i have got no school today, my lesson got cancelled and i'm extremely happy so here i am blogging! Missed me? (: Hahaha! 

Apparently yesterday it was my so called "Last day" schooling in ITE, can't believe it right? It feels like yesterday where i just said to be schooling in ITE College Central and here i am waiting to sit for my exams and that's it! I'm done with Nitec in Service Skills (Office)! 

Thinking back....

When i first entered ITE, i was feeling really lonely as i didn't went into the same class as my friend JQ & Jean (My secondary school classmates who chose the same course as me). I was dreading school as i felt left out and all. 

I remembered once our Bridge Leaders (For people who are in ITE should know what it is) asked newly met class to do up a cheer during our Orientation days and no one did it hence we were labeled as the so called "Quietest class" in the whole Nitec in Service Skills (Office)' Jan 2013 intake classes. Do your know why we are called the Quietest class? Well, we are all rather anti-social during the first few days of orientation and other class clique instantly except our class BSE

Speaking of BSE, let me introduce you to my class..

So this is my class (Though a few others dropped out of school) One of the earliest picture taken together as a class, i didn't really clique well! No! Not that i didn't clique well with the class but i wasn't like mixing together with them hence look at me standing there like towards the extremely left out like that! Hahaha (':

Can't believe how fast time had passes us by! Somehow i'll miss them loads despite having some misunderstanding and conflicts in between.

Okay, enough of those sad stuff happening! MOVING ON...

Yesterday our class together with class BSC went to Mad Jack over at NEX shopping mall to have our Dining Test (To test us on our dining etiquette) for one of our module called PIE..Professional Image and Etiquette module. So our school literally booked the whole restaurant for us and we were served a four course meal which include Bread, Soup, Main Dish and Dessert!

Credits: @_Gongteh on Instagram (My classmate MeiXuan picture)

The food that was served to us was pretty good and filling, if i were to rate their food there i would rate it 7.5/10! I have to say the cake which was served to us was delicious. (: Plus. i really like the ambience there! I'l definitely go back and dine without my lecturers and all to simply enjoy myself instead of feeling stress that i'll fail the dining test! :p

Address: #B1-27, 23 Serangoon Central
Tel: +65 6634 7551 / 6846 8231
Operating hours: 11:30am to 10:30pm daily
Last order: 10:00pm 

Alright! So After that it was like the class camwhore session though! Since it's so called our last day together as a class of course we have to like camwhore and be vain right hahaha?! Memories are the only thing left once we graduate in February next year! Is like BSC left already and still we are there camwhoring like mad and blocking the mall till security came and call us not to crowd at the mall! Alright enough of me yanking and let me show you guys some of the pictures taken yesterday! (:

The so called "F4" that some of the class girls had labelled us as! Will definitely miss my brothers!

The boys of BSE!  

Alright! I guess i shall stop here! More pictures to come soon alright, let me leave this post with one of my favourite picture of the class aye? (:

Okay! Bye (: Thanks for reading and i'll see you guys soon! Shall prepare for MAMA 2013 

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Here you go!

I know i have not been blogging for a really long time hence i made a video for you guys to act as a new blog post. Anyway if you guys like all this post do leave me a comment and all so that maybe i can do this more often instead of like not blogging and people think that i am dead or something. (: So here is the video!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Uncle Agony #3

Many of you guys had asked me some question on my page and i have not answered them as i think that all this question could be answered on my so called blog segment called "Uncle Agony"! Is like even though i have been really active on my page however i answered more question regarding myself rather than question about life that many of you guys had asked me. (: So i decided to have an Uncle Agony #3 entry! Yayyyy!

Alright! Lets start! 
If a woman blood-unrelated pays for everything you have right now because you're too poor and she wants to help. She treats you very good, then she said she love you to the extent of giving up everything for you, but you have someone you love and it's her close 'sister', who would you choose?

This would be a really tough choice however i'll go with the someone whom love instead of someone who is willing to pay for me anything and would give up everything for me just because i am poor and she wanted to help me. Is like love can't be force hence i would not betray my soul and go for someone whom i don't love. (:

Why is it that you can have so many good friend whenever you go and i can't? How can you be so popular among your friend? Howhowhowhowhow? :(

I personally don't think that i have got many good friends though, is like you only need a few good friends and i guess those good friend whom you think i have are those kind of friends whom won't help you out when you are in need and all this friend in my opinion are not my friends. Well, i don't think i am popular among my friend though, I bet many of them will think that i have got bad attitude and stuff but honestly i don't care.

In my opinion i think if you want to have good friends, you know take the initiative to talk to others and also just be yourself and not care about what others think of you. Cause if people judge you and do not accept you for who you are than i do not see a need to even make friend with all this people. (:

I am having lots of hate online and people are judging me and shit like thattttt! How do i deal with all this negativity?

The best way deal with all this shit that is happening is just to ignore it, i know it is going to be difficult however i think that is the best choice. Is like haters are just there to bring you down hence by ignoring it you are not giving them a chance to bring you down! ";D I have been having hate online as well hence i totally know how you feel. (: All the best and ignore people like this.

My friend had always been judging me from what i wear to what i do and stuff and i am really sick and tired of it, what can i do?

I think you should just tell your friend how you feel and how hurtful is it. If they don't stop i guess you can really let go of this friendship, to me a friend should be there to help you instead of judging you as that don't even help you in any way. Hope this little opinion of mine will help. (:

I'm afraid to sit for my GCE NT N level exam and i realy want time to stop so that i could have more time to prepare for it. I really scare i don't do well. What can i do for myself to be more confident?

Trust me! I totally know how you feel as i just sat for my GCE N'level last year and i have to say i felt the same way as you. Don't think too much about the exam and just stay focus on what you should learn and also practice make perfect hence i guess you could like buy a 10 Years Series assessment book to do so that you can like understand the format of the exam. That works for me though and also, never underestimate class test as every test will determine how well you know your work. (: Well, i really wish you all the best for your upcoming exam :D All the best!

Okay, i know this is a little unusual as mostly i would answer more question for an Uncle Agony post however i'm a little lazy to carry on hence i will try to answer more in the next Uncle Agony post :D! 

Anyway many of your had been asking me on my page about why am i not updating my blog and stuff. Well, i have been busy with school and stuff lately hence i had not been posting up new entry. However i promise you guys that i'll definitely try to blog more soon! HAHA! Okay, well since i have not updated my blog in such a long time...allow me to show you guys some of my random selca which i had took lately. 

Okay, i guess that's all for this post. I'll see you guys real soon i guess! OhOhOh, i almost forget that recently i had just posted up a really stupid tagged (What's in my bag) video of me and i am going to show you guys that video here:

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Little ranting post

Happy Vesak Day! Wow, finally found some time to blog. Can you guys believe it? It's already May and in a few days time it will be June already. Time passes by so fast this year, agree? 

Alright. So recently there are a few people who tweeted about me and after that delete those tweet from their Twitter accounts and i am rather annoyed by all this act. Let me share just this one incident with you guys, i know after posting this many of you people will have another perspective of me but really i couldn't give a damn about it. 

So apparently one of my classmates recently tweeted out a post about me and deleted it, that post was tweeted saying something about me slamming the class door with my name "Edwin" posted in it. So i eventually learned about this matter from another of my classmates and i have to tell you guys this, i dislike people to tweet about me and crap like that when i did nothing wrong. 

So i went to confront her during our break and i literally lose my anger, i don't really care and after my friend had asked me to chill down and slowly talk things out she ignored me for a few minutes. After she opened her mouth and finally talk she told me that i have got bad attitude and that she was not talking about me and was talking about her another friend called Edwin. 

Well girl, you know what? The way you make it sound is really worth laughing at alright. (:
  1. You tweet about me and deleted the post 
  2. You claimed that i slammed the door when i did not even slammed it but closed it?
  3. You ignored me and look at your phone when i am looking at you? How rude?
  4. Your friend helped you when it was not her problem (Laughing stock?)
  5. You tweeted about some of our other classmates when they did nothing wrong?
  6. You said that just because it was your tweeted you can tweet anything you want
  7. You say i got bad attitude when you are the one who is being guilty not even dare looking at me when i look at you
  8. You say that it was your other friend called Edwin when you yourself said that it was someone from our class who slammed the door? So are you trying to say that inside our class there's someone else named "Edwin"? 
Seriously girl, you don't just tweet about me and think that nothing is going to happened alright. Just because you have a bunch of friend in that class that are willing to help you doesn't make you talk crap about someone and act like nothing happened. 

Come'on, get the facts right. You claimed that just because that's your Twitter account you can post anything that you want? Okay, well. You're wrong. You can't just post anything you want alright. If you want try to post about politics and religion? I am sure you will change your own perception about tweeting like seriously. 

You have the gut to tweet however when people confront you, you change the topic and need help from your friend? Is this a joke? Well to you young lady who helped her throughout the whole fiasco when you are not involved. Girl, you need to stop acting like a 3 years old girl and mind your own business. I detest people like you, being such busybody and acting like as f you know everything and making everything sound like it was my fault? Oh please, you want to play this game i can play with you alright. ^^ I don't mind. To me you are just a double faced. Well here are some advice for you my friend. (:

Well, girl you have gotta stop being so annoying in class as slowly you are losing your reputation in class. 

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