Friday, May 24, 2013

Little ranting post

Happy Vesak Day! Wow, finally found some time to blog. Can you guys believe it? It's already May and in a few days time it will be June already. Time passes by so fast this year, agree? 

Alright. So recently there are a few people who tweeted about me and after that delete those tweet from their Twitter accounts and i am rather annoyed by all this act. Let me share just this one incident with you guys, i know after posting this many of you people will have another perspective of me but really i couldn't give a damn about it. 

So apparently one of my classmates recently tweeted out a post about me and deleted it, that post was tweeted saying something about me slamming the class door with my name "Edwin" posted in it. So i eventually learned about this matter from another of my classmates and i have to tell you guys this, i dislike people to tweet about me and crap like that when i did nothing wrong. 

So i went to confront her during our break and i literally lose my anger, i don't really care and after my friend had asked me to chill down and slowly talk things out she ignored me for a few minutes. After she opened her mouth and finally talk she told me that i have got bad attitude and that she was not talking about me and was talking about her another friend called Edwin. 

Well girl, you know what? The way you make it sound is really worth laughing at alright. (:
  1. You tweet about me and deleted the post 
  2. You claimed that i slammed the door when i did not even slammed it but closed it?
  3. You ignored me and look at your phone when i am looking at you? How rude?
  4. Your friend helped you when it was not her problem (Laughing stock?)
  5. You tweeted about some of our other classmates when they did nothing wrong?
  6. You said that just because it was your tweeted you can tweet anything you want
  7. You say i got bad attitude when you are the one who is being guilty not even dare looking at me when i look at you
  8. You say that it was your other friend called Edwin when you yourself said that it was someone from our class who slammed the door? So are you trying to say that inside our class there's someone else named "Edwin"? 
Seriously girl, you don't just tweet about me and think that nothing is going to happened alright. Just because you have a bunch of friend in that class that are willing to help you doesn't make you talk crap about someone and act like nothing happened. 

Come'on, get the facts right. You claimed that just because that's your Twitter account you can post anything that you want? Okay, well. You're wrong. You can't just post anything you want alright. If you want try to post about politics and religion? I am sure you will change your own perception about tweeting like seriously. 

You have the gut to tweet however when people confront you, you change the topic and need help from your friend? Is this a joke? Well to you young lady who helped her throughout the whole fiasco when you are not involved. Girl, you need to stop acting like a 3 years old girl and mind your own business. I detest people like you, being such busybody and acting like as f you know everything and making everything sound like it was my fault? Oh please, you want to play this game i can play with you alright. ^^ I don't mind. To me you are just a double faced. Well here are some advice for you my friend. (:

Well, girl you have gotta stop being so annoying in class as slowly you are losing your reputation in class. 

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