Friday, November 22, 2013

Last day of school & stress stress stress!

So frustrated with exams and stuff! Well, nothing serious just me complaining! :(

Whatever! So it's Friday and i have got no school today, my lesson got cancelled and i'm extremely happy so here i am blogging! Missed me? (: Hahaha! 

Apparently yesterday it was my so called "Last day" schooling in ITE, can't believe it right? It feels like yesterday where i just said to be schooling in ITE College Central and here i am waiting to sit for my exams and that's it! I'm done with Nitec in Service Skills (Office)! 

Thinking back....

When i first entered ITE, i was feeling really lonely as i didn't went into the same class as my friend JQ & Jean (My secondary school classmates who chose the same course as me). I was dreading school as i felt left out and all. 

I remembered once our Bridge Leaders (For people who are in ITE should know what it is) asked newly met class to do up a cheer during our Orientation days and no one did it hence we were labeled as the so called "Quietest class" in the whole Nitec in Service Skills (Office)' Jan 2013 intake classes. Do your know why we are called the Quietest class? Well, we are all rather anti-social during the first few days of orientation and other class clique instantly except our class BSE

Speaking of BSE, let me introduce you to my class..

So this is my class (Though a few others dropped out of school) One of the earliest picture taken together as a class, i didn't really clique well! No! Not that i didn't clique well with the class but i wasn't like mixing together with them hence look at me standing there like towards the extremely left out like that! Hahaha (':

Can't believe how fast time had passes us by! Somehow i'll miss them loads despite having some misunderstanding and conflicts in between.

Okay, enough of those sad stuff happening! MOVING ON...

Yesterday our class together with class BSC went to Mad Jack over at NEX shopping mall to have our Dining Test (To test us on our dining etiquette) for one of our module called PIE..Professional Image and Etiquette module. So our school literally booked the whole restaurant for us and we were served a four course meal which include Bread, Soup, Main Dish and Dessert!

Credits: @_Gongteh on Instagram (My classmate MeiXuan picture)

The food that was served to us was pretty good and filling, if i were to rate their food there i would rate it 7.5/10! I have to say the cake which was served to us was delicious. (: Plus. i really like the ambience there! I'l definitely go back and dine without my lecturers and all to simply enjoy myself instead of feeling stress that i'll fail the dining test! :p

Address: #B1-27, 23 Serangoon Central
Tel: +65 6634 7551 / 6846 8231
Operating hours: 11:30am to 10:30pm daily
Last order: 10:00pm 

Alright! So After that it was like the class camwhore session though! Since it's so called our last day together as a class of course we have to like camwhore and be vain right hahaha?! Memories are the only thing left once we graduate in February next year! Is like BSC left already and still we are there camwhoring like mad and blocking the mall till security came and call us not to crowd at the mall! Alright enough of me yanking and let me show you guys some of the pictures taken yesterday! (:

The so called "F4" that some of the class girls had labelled us as! Will definitely miss my brothers!

The boys of BSE!  

Alright! I guess i shall stop here! More pictures to come soon alright, let me leave this post with one of my favourite picture of the class aye? (:

Okay! Bye (: Thanks for reading and i'll see you guys soon! Shall prepare for MAMA 2013 

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