Sunday, April 24, 2011

NPCC changed a human life.

Today post will just be a short post on how NPCC change a human life (:

Now readers, if i say that NPCC had changed my life do your believe it ? (: I guess than answer is no . 
However people who say yes is right , it has changed my lifestyle and it has also changed many other people life.
Okay , my friend should know that i love to complaint alot last time. But recently my NPCC squadmates allow me to realise my mistake and i'm changing because of them (: And i am really grateful that they correct my mistake so that later in life people will not think that i'm a complaint king or whatever shit ^^ 
I used to cry alot in both Kindergarden and Primary school when i'm stressed up , but after my Sir let me became Head Of Planning i realise that i can handle stressed and i also realise that i do not need to keep everything to myself and that my squadmates are there for me (: I really have to thanks them for changing me and guiding me through the Amazing Race proposal and reccee .

Our squad used to be really playful and un-united , but we have really been through alot of hardship and now we're more bonded although we're still playful , but we know our limit . Anyway take a look at Rachel , Shanmugan , JunQi and Aishah (:
They really did changed , 

Rachel - She became more fierce
Shanmugan- Able to command and shout (:
JunQi-Know how to cope with stress and able to talk more
Aishah- Have more friends in NPCC
HuiLing-Able to communicate in a squad now compared to sec 1 
Elton-Able to control the squad and he love to entertain people 

And there're more , as a squad we really conquer many obstacle and hope we'll continue to be a united squad and break more obstacle in the future <3

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