Thursday, April 25, 2013

Short update!

Hello there! Wow, finally found some time to blog (Typed at: 2:16am)! Okay, I had been so busy and tired lately till i have got no time to blog ): Pardon me for not updating my blog as much now! 

Anyway, this post will be a random update on what had i been up to lately. Interesting right? Ohwell, you have no choice since i am the one deciding on what am i typing but still....your could choose to carry on reading a not la! (^^). 
Okay, lets start! 
1. New hairstyle
Hairstyle cut at a neighbourhood salon. No contact lens!
So previously i had really long, brownish red hair and i really love the hairstyle which i had even though i know it is not really acceptable for school. Many of my friend had asked me "Ohmygod, why did you cut your hair?" and stuff like that and i'll be like telling them so same old story over and over again, hence, i had decided to tell you guys about it! How kind of me to do that! (^.-)! Well, there are 2 reason for why i decided to cut short my hair (Even though this is not what i want in mind). 

First reason: 
I'm shortlisted for an award and to me that award is a rather prestigious award hence i have to cut my hair even though i know i will miss my previous hairstyle. Yes! I bet many of your will be wondering what award am i shortlisted for right? Well i am shortlisted for the THE LEE KUAN YEW AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING NORMAL COURSE 2013! Yupyup. I am nominated for this award, well i bet many of your are thinking that a guy like me with so much piercing and bad attitude can get such award ? (^^)! Lalala. Is like i may look bad to you guys but i am kind and cheerful by nature alright! 

Second reason:
As you guys may know this already, i am currently studying in ITE (Institute of Technical Education) and i am a business student studying Nitec in Service Skills (Office) hence we can't really have coloured hair or long hair. I thought that you one will care about my hair in ITE but i was wrong and i was caught by my school's Section Head who somehow demanded me to cut it short and dye my hair black or else get a warning letter. So annoying right! Ohwell (T.T)!

Before and after picture of me! Left: Before Right: After. I know i look uglier now. *Note, this picture is taken on the same day

2. Project work, assignments and script writing

Lately, my class was given loads of assignments, script writing and project work though. Yes! I know, this is schooling life however i think that sometime it is just too difficult to handle. ): Well, lets see what have got in hand right now that need to be handed up soon. (T.T)
  • Basics of Personal Finance (BPF) - Chinese Wedding proposal 
  • Customer Service Role play script 
  • Office Software Application Powerpoint slides
Well, your may not know all those project that i had just mentioned however all i can tell your is all this project work play a really important role inside our ITE life or should i say the module itself? (^^)! Ohwell, is like i half of the reason i did not blog is because i have been in school for like from 8am till like 6pm each day and i have to say it's extremely tiring though. Sigh! 

3. Lee Kuan Yew Award 

For people who was reading this blog post might already know that i had mentioned something regarding an award i am receiving just now under the hair section well here i am going to elaborate more! (^^). Okay! Apparently, my teachers in my Secondary School had nominated me for the award itself and i was rather lucky to have got shortlisted for the award. Is like for this award you will have to write an essay and stuff before getting shortlisted hence i was rather shock that i could get shortlisted for the award as m writing skills is rather bad. (T.T)! 

Many people had always asked me "Wow, how did it feel to get shortlisted for the award?" and to me i feel really nervous though as i would have to go for an interview with a few other students who is shortlisted for the award as well and just by thinking of it give me chills. Is like my teacher in Secondary School had been helping me a lot with this interview and i really don't want to disappoint them hence i am dying to shake off my nervousness and be positive! 

Well, is like even though this award require me to sacrifice my hair and piercings. However, i am alright with it as not everyone would have a chance to get shortlisted for this award! I am proud and honoured to get shortlisted for it. Hair will grow again and piercing could be pierce again however this award might be a 'Once in a lifetime' thing though.

4. Camwhore in class like insane
I bet many of you guys who is following me on Twitter/Instagram will know that i have been camwhoring in class quite often lately with my classmates and my Clique. I think that i's important for me to share some on my blog otherwise i think i am a little bias though towards my blog compared to Twitter and Instagram! (^^)
Me together with my friend/older brother Jourden! 
Me together with my younger sister/friend MeiXuan! 
Me together with my sister/friend Lisa! 
Yup! These are some of my friends from this awesome clique of mine called MOMOs and i have no time to edit the more photos hence i'll post the rest in the future! Anyway guys, iloveyou! 
Okay, well i guess that's all from me as it's nearing 3:30am now and i have to rush out my script before submitting in tomorrow to my lecturer! Yes, i have school tomorrow which start at 8am and i am still awake at this hour! So yeah. I am so screwed hahaha! Okay, let me show you guys something before i click on the "Publish" button (^^)

Yup! A picture of me from when i was younger maybe in like Primary 6 or so. Looking really hideous and childish yet cute (^^) I guess! Thanks my friend Jean for sending all this picture to me via Whatsapp. It sure did bring me back loads of memories! (: 

P/s: Many friends and people on my page had been asking me to do a "What's in my bag" video hence i was wondering should i make one. Please tell me via Twitter or write an email to me if you would want me to do this video a not! (^^)

Okay, thanks for reading my blog and i'll see you guys again soon! 
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