Sunday, July 8, 2012

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) !

Want to know more stuff about me? Here are some frequently asked question that i think you readers should know.

Who are you and how old are you?

I'm Edwin Goh and i'm born in 1996 and i think you can count how old i am yourself i can't be bothered to update my age every year.

When did you started blogging and what make you start a blog?

Well, i started blogging back in 2008 and i created my blog under the influence of my friends who always brag about blogging and how nice their blog are. 

Why don't you smile in your pictures?
Well, i did however that picture turn out to be really ugly as my teeth and eye bag make it look like &^%&^! Hence, i don't really smile in my pictures but who knows one day i will do it? 

Are you singaporean 

Yes! I'm 100% Singaporean.

You are a blogger yourself who is one blogger you like best?

Can i choose 3? I am very greedy one! The three blogger who i like is Xiaxue, Typicalben and QiuQiu

Single or Attached ? How many Ex-Gfs you have?

I'm single and i have 4 ex-girlfriends...i know this sound ridiculous having so much ex at this age but don't judge me if you don't know me well alright

Which school are you from?

I'm from Balestier Hill Primary School -to- Bendemeer Secondary School

What does SimplyEdwinn means?

This is pretty simple though, it means that i am just a normal typical guy hence SimplyEdwinn mean that i'm just ME !

Do you wear any makeup ?

Yes! I just wear Concealer and Lip Balm? That's all !

Do you Photoshop your pictures?

Yes i do Photoshop my pictures! To be frank i have got very bad eye bag hence i like to so called "erase" them away! Hence don't be shock to see my bad bad eye bag if you ever see me on the street alright!

Anyway i recently tried to Photoshop my pictures to the minimum so that people won't see me and go like why do you look so different in your pictures compared to your ugly self in real life!

If i want to ask you any question how can i ask them?

You can ask those question on my page or simply drop me an email Simplyedwinn[at]!

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