Friday, May 11, 2012

Flunk another exam.

Hello! You guys must get used to me updating my blog more often alright haha! Is like many people was like asking me why am i back to blogging all of a sudden and my answer is :
"Many people had told me that i've been neglecting my blog and whats the point of me having a blog without updating it here i'm back to blogging :p"

So today post will be more or less same as yesterday though but today post will not be about Element of Business Skills however it will be about my Computer Applications (CPA) Practical exam... Apparently i woke up having a really bad headache this morning and seriously i don't even want to attend school....
However what can i do right, so i went to school as usual and really it sucks big time though :/ After i reach school my head was like spinning like insane and i feel like dying though.

Okay, so when the exam started...i was really pissed off though as the computer have some malfunction and seriously it's a waste of this thing wasted like 25mins of my precious time and seriously fuckthatcomputer. So the TA(Technician Assistant?!) told me to change the computer...and luckily the computer works though however  i tried to enter Microsoft words and in the end i cannot enter so i have to restart the computer for like another 3times so in total i wasted like 40mins ?! EffingDumbRight

Moving on, so after everything is fixed i started doing the practical paper and seriously that paper was so motherfucking difficult alright, i can't believe i actually cried due to stress :/...gosh like a embarrassing only!~ So my teacher was like asking me to relax however i just can't seem to relax though....due to what had happened earlier i've got 20mins extra time to complete my paper however the time was not even enough :/
Gosh! So i ended up handing up like 1/4 of the paper that's all and my teacher was really shocked to see that paper though :/ But idc !

Right next part of this post is about what had happened today that make me really pissed off and seriously i might get into trouble posting this but seriously idon'tgiveafuck ! so here goes :

Alright, so there was this one particular teacher who seriously used to be one of my favourite teacher yet today she show me that kind of ****ing attitude and seriously i know i did not do well in my prelim alright but you say that even Benny can win me ?! Please, what are you trying to say?
Are you trying to say that he's better than me in academic wise? Ohplease. Idon'tcare alright.
If you say that he's your so called smart student why the hell did i get first for like the four major exam and test last year like seriously, not trying to boast or what however i find you really ridiculous alright.

If you happened to see this....seriously i have nothing to say :/ ! 

Okay ! Shall post till here now! (: Bye all. Some photos time ?! :p 

 Alright! Nights guys and thanks for reading my blog, ily ! (: 

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