Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fun and forget (stress)

Preliminary Exams are over! Like finally time to partayyyyyyyy ! :D
Ohgosh! I'm so excited though, let me share with you people something back in Sec1, 2 and 3 after my exams i don't really go out and have fun instead i'll be staying home thinking about my results and stuff however things had changed as i find myself having so much fun this year because after my last Prelim paper i went out to have fun with my friends so i' gonna blog about what i did this 2 days (:

So on Friday right after my last paper i went out with my friends Gerald, JunQi and Benny to catch the Movie "The Avengers" and i have to say the movie was awesome...and many of you guys had asked me who is my favourite character right so my answer toward this question is "Black Widow" the reason is simple though...haha! It's because she's hot and smart ! :) Anyway back to we went to Cineleisure to catch the movie and before that we went to do some shopping at the Bazaar @ Scape and didn't manage to purchase anything ! Went over to the Long John Silver there to have lunch and did a bit of chit chat and went to shop again (:

At around 2:35pm we went up and prepare to enter the cinema for our show as the show startat 2:45pm haha! Kiasu a bit uh ! :x 
Anyway inside the cinema is full of students and i have to say they are mostly all in their school uniform and seriously they are effing annoying. OKAY! Forget about all this the movie was like 2hours15min long and gosh the cinema was rather cold though :x

After the movie we went to shop at 313 Somerset and Orchard Central however one of my friend Benny have to go somewhere else for an event though so me and JunQi and Gerald went over to Plaze Singapura to shop for awhile and head to a LAN shop called "Volcano" at Dhoby Ghaut and i have to say it was really fun though. haha! Is like my friend forced me to play the game called "Counter Strike" and seriously i had a blast even though i'm a beginner :) haha !

So right after the LAN session we walked to Bugis and shop around and at around 9plus we went to have our dinner at a nearby coffee shop and the food there was yummy lurhs ! I never knew Coffee Shop food could be so yummy. haha ! After dinner we went over to City Square Mall and slacked inside the food court Kopitiam till like 10:30pm and we all went back after that! And DANG! Those people waiting for bus was crazy insane so i took a cab back instead :x
My dinner that i bought at the Coffee shop that cost $4.00 however it's worthy :p 

Yesterday was another fun day because i went out to celebrate my god-sis Jean birthday and it was really fun lurhs. So let me start by posting a picture of me and Jean while we were having our Karaoke Session :
Alright, so yesterday i went out with my friend Jean, Jessica and Weijun to celebrate my God-sis birthday like what i mention earlier (: We met each other at around 12:15pm as my friend Jessica was doing her hair and was late lurhs :x
Anyway we first went to Toa Payoh pizza hut to have our lunch and we purchased some awesome food like :

  • 9" Hawaiian Pizza
  • Thick Fries on Dips
  • Hut's plate
  • New York Cheese Cake
  • Berri Sparkle
  • 3 Pepsi float Vanilla 
And guess what before that i have my breakfast so i can't eat that much though 
The Hut's Plate

Alright after the meal we was deciding where to go and my friend Weijun wanted to watch The Avengers however i had watch it on Friday already so Jessica came up with this idea that we go for a Karaoke Session and both me and Jean agreed as we had not have any Karaoke Session before.

So we Cab down to Katong as Jessica said that there's a very awesome Karaoke Lounge there however the place was fully book till 12midnight hence we went to Parkway Parade to see if there's any Kbox there like what their offical Webpage claim to have an outlet there.
So we went there and we walked for like 2 hour under the hot sun just to look for the damn place however i call up one of my friend who is rather familiar with that area told me that the outlet have been move to another place and my reaction was Whatthefuck!

We went to look for a cab to go to Bedok Point and i can't believe it was just a 15min trip there though ! So upon reaching that area we ran up to the last level and yay! We had reached the destination which is KBOX ! Whooohooooo !

I know I know , my hair look really fugly here! Party too much hence with thos jumping around my hair became

At first we all dare not sing but my friend Jessica started singing and so we started singing too ! haha (: The first song i sang was Someone Like You by Adele (: haha! Than we also remix lots of song like changing the Singer lyrics etc so here are some song that we sang

  • Bruno Mars - Marry You
  • B1A4 - O.K (sang by me)
  • Boyfriend - You and I (sang by Jean and Jessica)
  • Boyfriend - Don't Touch my Girl (sang by Jessica)
  • Adele -  Rolling in The Deep
  • Christina Perri - Thousand Years
  • Katy Perry - Firework
  • Katy Perry - Part Of Me
  • Kelly Clarkson - Mr Know It All (sang by me)
There's many other song however i forgot smoe other song that we had sang though , anyway i really have to say that Karaoke was addictive and i am definitely going back during the June Holidays whoohoo ! 

Anyway the price for Kbox was like 60bucks so it's not exactly cheap though !~ :x

Anyway after that Jean have to go home staright so we sat a cab home which cost us like 20bucks as there was a slight jam on our way back ! :x Ikr, many people was like telling me i should not spend so much money onto cab (: Yes i know i'll try alright ! haha. Okay i'll post more photos and that's the end of today post haha !
Orange Juice not beer/wine :p 
I know i look really yellow and weird here that's because the light source is too close to me :x ! 
Mummy, thanks for being for me when i need you and when i am stres :D Thanks for always reminding me to
bring my wallet to school and also waking mw up everyday to attend school. !

Mummy, iloveyou ! 

Alright guys! Thanks for reading my blog alright ! Until next time (:
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