Sunday, May 20, 2012

Random much !

Hello there, let me start by sharing with you guys something that some of my twitter followers and blog readers have requested me to do :

Yesyesyes! I did a song cover for Adele's Someone Like You (: haha! While filming this random video i was so damn nervous that i almost spit out some vulgar though :/ Super embarrassing...i know that i'll definitely get criticize for this but whothehell cares right ! (: haha ! Like seriously , Hates comments make me stronger! haha.

Moving on, so i was bored this afternoon as i have nothing better to do then to rot at home and i got sick of it after like 10mins ?! :D Yes! i decided to head down town as i wanted to purchase some new accessories for my iPhone (: So yeah...

Upon reaching Orchard i went to shop at ION for some ring because over the week i had lost like 3 ring though :/ So yeah...however there was no ring that look appealing to me so i gave up and walked over to Cineleisure all by myself, i don't understand why but there's many people staring at me like as if they had not seen a teenager going out alone though....i was feeling really scared so i went to the nearest toilet to see if  i have any wardrobe malfuntion or what.....BUT NO! There's nothing wrong with any part of my body....

So yes! I convince myself not to care about these people and continued by trip towards Cineleisure :)
While i was walking there i was like listening to song as it's super lonely lurhs like everyone is out with their friend and you are all alone....D: Haish ! 

Upon reaching Cineleisure i saw something awesome and that's the FLEA MARKET @ SCAPE ! haha :D 
I was walking around and i saw my friend Pohchoo and chatted for a bit haha! Than after like 5mins we all parted way, so i continued shopping and honestly speaking i did not see anything which i want though...i was devasted and was almost going to meet my mother at Regency House till i notice this stall that sell iPhones related stuff so i went to take a look :D And i saw this iPhone cover which i saw online and is like i really want it ever since i saw it and guess what it's now mine here's a photo of it :

Nice right ! :D So anywya after purchasing this wonderful shirt for my iPhone i rushed off to meet my mother at her workplace which is Regency House (A serviced Apartment) :D HAHA! I'm meeting her together for dinner as we have not had dinner in like ages so yeahh...:D

After i had reached that place i waited for my mum (: haha ! Waitedandwaitedandwaited....Finally she's out so we went to wait for a bus at a nearby bus-stop and i saw Noah Yap ! YES :D HAHA ~ However did not ask for a photo though ! :p

So yes ! We went back to Whampoa to have dinner and guess what i ate.......i ate : 

So yeah ! We chatted for abit and after that i went home ! :D HAHA ! And on my way home i did some camwhoring so here are the pics (Will incle some of my iPhone Cover close up): 

Haha! Alright! Shall post till here now ! byebye !
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