Friday, December 16, 2011

Random (!)

Rotting at home no place to go (!) Friends are always busy , so blogging is the best i can do now :D

Hello people , i had not been going out for the past 2 days and guessed what Holidays is ending real soon in like 2-3weeks time and i have not had enough fun and it's rather devastating D: As after this few week we have to go back to the place where will make all of us feel stress and bored .


So yeah , although i had been going out through the entire November holidays and also first half of December holidays however i feel like it's not enough somehow. Is like i had worked hard this entire year and all i get this 2 month . Somehow it's unfair but it's okay (!) this is life after all :D

Oh yeah , i stayed at home not to play Sims but to go onto YouTube and look at some stuff which are sorta cool as there are many unwanted situation :D Ya'know like the Aaron Tan case and FadedHolySoldiers case.
So yeah , i am Not going to talk about it as i don't want unwated attention from people outside :D However you can search for the video in Youtube :DD And yeah DeeKosh made some comments about this incident so here is it : 

And yes , i think that many people know about this incident so yeah :D And yes in the 1st video i think that there's a link for FadedHolySodier youtube channel link so have a look alright (!)

Anyway , i am currently having my McDonald Delivery meal and i bought McWing set uh (!) YummyYummy :DD Photos :

Okay anyway , i shall talk till here now my food is waiting for me already (!) Byebye people :D
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