Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back to blogging after so long.

Can you guys believe it. It had been more than 2 months since i last posted an entry though!

2 months had past and many things had changed. Is like my ITE (Institute of Technical Education) life had started and honestly it is pretty tiring though, i am still not used to it even though 2 months had past.     At first, i don't really like my class as i know no one from my Secondary School and i thought that schooling life will be ya'know forever alone and also boring but i guess i was wrong!

After getting to know them more, i think my class is pretty fun and awesome though! Compared to other class i think that my Nitec in Service Skills (Office) class is pretty amazing! Oh for people who want to know which course did i enter in ITE, i entered Nitec in Service Skills (Office) also known as Office Skills to many people! 

Apparently many friends of mine had been asking me how is this course and the answer can be described with one word....TOUGH! Yes, you didn't see wrongly. This course is tough! Is like when i first entered this course i thought that it is going to be real easy but i guess i misjudge it! ><

Okay, enough of me speaking. Allow me to show you guys some of my solo camwhore pictures which i took with this app called "Camera360" during my lesson and stuff! Well, i bet you guys are wondering how do i look now right for those people who have not been following me on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Here goes:

Alright! Enough of my random camwhore pictures! Haha. Anyway all this picture are taken from my iPhone 5!

Okay, like i said i met great friends in ITE and yes. I have a few cliques which i am close to and one of them is my "Momo(s)" and the other one is "(J)(E)(A)(R) - Jasmine Tay, me, Aishah and Ramya ! :D

I also met 2 awesome korhkorh (older brother) from Momo and i have to say they are very kind to me and i love them with 50% of my heart while the other 50% is for someone else. Is like i am feeling extremely stressed up lately and that i thought i have no one to talk to but my they are always there to cheer me on! :D Appreciate them for doing that though. Anyway here are some pictures of me with Jourden and Choonhuat korhkorh. (:

From left to right - Jourden korhkorh, ChoonHuat korhkorh and myself. 

Yup! They are just too awesome and i am so glad that i can call them my older brother though! Is like the other time after one of my role-play i was feeling sorta "fuckedup" however they manage to cheer me up and i honestly appreciate it though! :) I really hope our friendship will never end though. I love my korhkorh big time and now they are in HongKong and i know this is weird but i miss my brother! Ohwell~ I am so excited as i can get to see them in a few hours.

YupYup. Well, actually i am like in rush of time now so i guess i'll just blog till here and maybe the next post i'll blog more about my clique and stuff. See you guys!

Oh last but no least let me show you guys a random video which i had film due to boredom!

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