Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post of 2012!

Hello everyone! I am back with a pretty impromptu wordy post to finish off this awesome 2012! Is like this post is going to be a summary/Conclusion of the year 2012 and some random stuff that's all! So keep reading alright!

Photo taken by me while camwhoring and accidentally shake the camera and the image effect became like this :/ 

2012 had been such a stressful yet fun year for me. Will you miss this awesome year 2012? I definitely will.

This year i had also been down with fever countless time and it's pretty hard to concentrate in school. Is like i am really happy i had achieved so much this year not only in studies but also my personal life and also work due to the fact that my body had been pretty weak since the very start of the year.

Some of the stuff which i had achieved
  • I had got straight A's for my GCE N'Level (Normal Technical)
  • For the first time i got my photo publish on a local Chinese Newspaper "Lianhe Wanbao"and got interviewed by Strait Times twice, once for the Social Networking thing and the other is about how i manage to work and study at the same time
  • Score good grades for my school examination and this gain myself Scholarship
  • Got a pay rise at work even though it's not alot!
  • A good friendship/relationship with all my teachers and friends in Bendemeer Secondary
  • Got more blog readers for my blog Http://
  • Went to the Doctors for more than 25 times a year which broke my record of 2 times in 2011 (Just for fun!)

Yes! Even though what i had achieved at this age is not like what Justin Bieber/Greyson Chance/ Miley Cyrus had achieved at the age of 16 but i am proud of it and i am thankful for everyone who had help me this entire year!

Soon i'll be entering the ITE to further my studies, i really hope next year will be a better year and that i'll work harder to achieve more stuff. I must get my studying mindset back and work hard enough to go into the Higher Nitec course and hopefully Polytechnic. With this said...2012! Thank you for allowing me to achieved so much success, i'll miss you but at the same time i am excited for the arrival of 2013!

Well, i guess this is the end of the post...Nah! Don't think so. Maybe i shall post more since it's the last day of an awesome year right!

Hmmm, what should i talk about next? Maybe i should talk about my New year resolution for the year 2013 so that in i can look back at this post at the end of 2013 to see how many of it had i completed and which one have i not completed. Here goes nothing...

My 2013 resolution
  • Earn more money through blogging and also working
  • More readers for my blog 
  • Get good result in ITE, hopefully to pass all my modules that is tested
  • More time to hang out with my friends and also family
  • A DSLR Camera and hopefully a MacBook Pro 
  • Meet all my Bendemeer teachers once again 
  • Have the guts to do a vlog soon
Yeap i guess that's some of my resolution though. Heh! Alright, I shall post some of my December favourites to maybe end off this post since i have really got not else to blog about now ):

December`2012 Favourites

#1 - I extremely love chocolate this month and not only do i love them i am obsessed with them
#2 - I love McDonald's breakfast and if it's possible i'll have them everyday though even though it's expansive. Ohwell
#3 - Who doesn't love pizza, is like i am have been having pizza quite frequent this month though! 
#4 - My newly bought Marc by March Jacobs iPhone cover 
Well, i guess that's all for my last post of 2012! I hereby want to thank each and everyone of you for reading my blog and always being there for me. This year that had been a few incident where by some people really left nasty comments about my blog and i honestly had thought of giving up blogging, if it wasn't for you guys i would had stop blogging already. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart.

All the best for 2013, have fun! Work hard towards your goal and stay positive. Let's get ready to embark on a new adventure in 2013 and i'll see you in my next blog post! Shall end of this picture which i love a lot.

Me and my teacher! :) Will blog about this article another day though.
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