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Long post: Graduation night`2012

Wanted to blog about my graduation night for a really long time now (Since 19/11/2012: My Graduation Night Day)! Ohwell, i am finally sitting in front of the computer typing out this post before heading to work. To start with, my school graduation night is just like a typical prom night. Is just that we do not have couple dance and stuff like that though, we have got like performance and lucky draw. Damn! Sound boring right, nah! I won't be blogging about those stuff, instead i'll be posting photos which i had taken on that day and also a "Thank you" section at the end of the blog post to thank people who had played a huge part helping me through the N'Level examination which i had set for a few months back. Alright! I guess your are already bored reading this, let's get started!

My school Graduation night is located at Civil Service Club located near Balestier ITE and my friend and i decided to basically take a cab down since we have got no idea where was it located at initially. Ohwell, i was pretty surprised with how my classmates dress though! Is like i have not went out with my classmate is ages and suddenly saw them in home clothing instead of uniform is weird for me. Okay, so upon arriving at the destination we went to the ballroom and chatted for a bit and basically waited for the time to arrived till the event starts....pathetic but it was a fun time to catch up with your friends and teachers. Oh! For people who are wondering why is my face so white in those pictures i am about to post later on, it had concealer on is like my face is full of blemishes though! Damn.

Me together with my friends before the event started, a little awkward though as this was i think the first picture which i had taken on that day itself. My friend Kristy (Left) and Charmaine (Right)
This is half of my EBS class and i'll definitely miss my Element of Business Skills lesson, i have to say both my teacher Ms Lim and Mr Toy is making our EBS lesson fun despite them have to worry about our results and trying their very best to cover what we have to understand and know in order to do well for the examination. (Saving the thankyou post for later on)
Oh yes! On that day i just randomly grabbed something to wear as i do not have sufficient time to do some shopping though, yes! I am a busy teenager who have to work! Ohwell, as your can see from this picture above they only serve us Orange Juice which is a little pathetic but what can i say? We are all students so no alcoholic drinks. Damn! Oh i forgot to mention that they played a video about those teacher wishing their student good luck and stuff and those 4Es and 4Ns student have loads of teacher wishing them all the best and stuff but why not us 4Ts? A bit bias uh! A bit jealous though! Anyway here are more pics:
My dearest English teacher Mrs Brenda Leong and Mdm Noor (Not in picture) , they have always been there for me and constantly staying back in school for me when i needed extra help! I really do appreciate what they have done and i'll never forget them! Anyway Mrs Brenda Leong is going to further her studies and i seriously want to wish her all the best and that i'll see her real soon (Saving the thankyou post for later on)
This is by far my favourite picture of the day, the girl beside me is my classmate Charmaine!  Is like this picture angle is nice and the colour is just awesome though! Plus, the way my friend dress is extremely gorgeous! Love the necklace which she's wearing though! 
Me together with Jiahui.L and my Co-Form teacher/NPCC ma'am! They look gorgeous though. So different from when they are in school! Hahaha :) 
Me together with my ex-computer application teacher Mdm Chua! Hehehe! Back in my speech day i took a picture with her wearing my school uniform and this time round in a semi-formal wear! :) 
What a white face i have! Ohmy, me together with Kristy and HuiYang! 2 stunning lady though! Hehehehe!
Me, together with my friend Kristy, don't ask me why the colour become so...wth! I tried my best to make the colour back to normal but i just can't do it though. ):
My brother JunQi together with the 3 beautiful teachers!
Me and my awesome form teacher Mr Jerry Seah!
This three beautiful ladies are my awesome teacher who are always there with me! They are always there motivating me and i'll definitely miss them.(Saving the thankyou post for later on)
From left to right: Mrs Elaine Wong (Badminton Teacher-in-Charge), Mdm Tang (CPA teacher) and Ms Tang LiHua (CPA Teacher)

Heheh! Anyway Mdm Tang told me that she expected me to wear something more colourful rather than a dull colour though! :)  Anyway there's a lucky draw and honestly i think that our school is getting more and more generous though giving out an Ipod and also a camera! Damn. Why didn't i win? Ohwell. Anyway here are more pictures and i have to say i regretted not taking that much photos with other schoolmates and teachers though! Sigh. Here are some pictures once again:

This is my friend BeeSin, wow ! She look pretty that day though! She's my awesome friend and we are always talking about WWE! :) Hehehe!

This is my friend Julin and sis is like a sister to me always making laughs in school when i am stress and tired in class. (Saving the thankyou post for later on)
Me and my friend Yelinda, is like look at our face so damn epic. My friend was like saying she have to bend down so that we'll be in the same height and all of a sudden snapped while we all are laughing like insane. Damn!
Me together with my NPCC squadmates. Awesome or what! I have to say when she called me while i was talking to some teachers, i can't recognise her as she look extremely stunning with makeup and stuff on. Is like back in NPCC i never thought she could dress till so classy as ya'know NPCC uniform and PT kit are just so....Ugh!
Me together with my awesome friend Kasturi and oneof my friend just popped out of this picture when i snap this photo

2nd shot me together with my awesome friend Kasturi and one of my friend just popped out of this picture when i snap this photo! She look extremely stunning though! Hehehe~
My awesome CPA teacher Ms Ang together with here Gangnam Style tee-shirt!Awesome or what what! :) OppOppOppOpp Oppa Gangnam style! ~~~
Me and my friend since primary school HuiYang! Shucks my blazer is wet though. Upon seeing this picture i think that we all have change so much. Anyway Huiyang was wearing a 5 inch stiletto heels on that day though! Absolutely stunning!
Well, honestly speaking. There's nothing much to post about my graduation night except for images which i had taken on that day. Ohwell, it's better than nothing right plus who like to read like seriously. Damn! Alright, it's time for more pictures before than final part of the post "The Thank You Post"! Excited for it?! Nah! Don't think so but i am! Bleh :P Are your getting bored already? Here are some more pictures to get rid you from your boredom by reading my long entry!

Candid shot taken by my friend using her DSLR camera, in love with this picture though! Is like kinda cool and look at the effect. Damn i love it. A shout out to my sis Jiahui for taking this awesome picture, have a look at her blog here.
My awesome 4T1`2012 class!  (Saving the thankyou post for later on) Anyway this pictures is taken using my friend Jiahui DSLR camera (: I guess this is only half the class and there's a few people that aren't here though. 
Okay! I guess that's all the picture that i have with me, is like i did not take so much picture like i said as i didn't plan to blog about my graduation night. Sigh. Now that i think of it i really regretted not taking more pictures though. Sigh! Ohwell, now let's go to the thank you post alright :)!

Thank you very much! :)

I have decided to separate this section of "Thank you very much! :)" post to two parts. The first part is for my teachers and the second will be for my friends! 

There are just too many teachers who have been there for me,  i can't named all of them but i am truly thankful to each and everyone of Bendemeer Secondary teachers for the awesome four years. Is like even though the teachers had not taught me for the entire four years however i am still thankful for what they have done for me in my Secondary education. I am thankful that the school had assigned your to be my teacher. I'll truly miss each and everyone of your. 

Now to the teachers who had always been there for me throughout the entire year of Secondary 4 education: 
Mr Jerry Seah (Form teacher) 
Teacher, i am really grateful that the school had assigned you to be our form teacher for 3T1`2011 and accompany us all the way till we got promoted to 4T1`2012. Thanks for always motivating me when i got too stress up with school work and also allowing me to know that as long as i don't give up halfway there's still chances for me to succeed. Even though i don't show it in class however i am really happy that i know that if i had any problems i could always speak with you without any hesitation. I'll miss you and good luck in your future endeavours, take good care of yourself teacher and hopefully we could all meet up in the near future to catch up with each other. Thanks for this amazing 2 years! :)

Ms Tang LiHua 
Ms Tang, i have to say i am sorry for giving you so much attitude back in Secondary 2/3 due to results and stuff. I didn't mean it. I am really thankful that you are always there for my class ever since Secondary 2 and always trying your best to make sure our class can catch up with CPA work back when you were teaching us in Secondary 2/3. Even though you are not teaching us this year however you still try to find find out how is our progress in CPA and how is the class. Thanks for being a great teacher and an awesome friend. I'll miss you! ): 

Mdm Winnie Tang 
Back in Secondary 3 we are just like stranger however as the time passed by you had became one of my favourite teachers of all time. You are so caring towards your student and so cheerful! If only you had taught us since the start of my Secondary education! Hahaha. This year was a pretty stressful year for me as my CPA standard had slightly dropped as it's hard for me to cope with all those other subject and neglected CPA. Thanks to you and Ms Ang for the help for pulling me back to getting an "A" for Computer Applications. I'll see you soon Mdm Tang! I'll miss you...sigh. ):

Ms Ang ShuShan 
Teacher! Thanks for those fun CPA lesson which you had gave me and always making me happy after CPA lesson, is like even though this is a stressful year with all those coursework and stuff but i know that you and Mdm Tang will always be there for us! I really do appreciate what you had did for me and the class. I'll see you real soon alright! 

Mdm Noor 
Teacher! You had been such an awesome teacher ever since you started teaching my class back in Secondary 2, i remembered back in Secondary 2 you taught me English and Art! I have to say English lesson was really fun and interesting back then! :) Even though you did not teach us last year however you still stay back in class to give me remedial lesson and stuff. To me you are a good friend in school and an extremely fun teacher. Thank you so much for doing that, me and JunQi are truly thankful for it and teacher i'll never forget one of the English lesson in Secondary 2 where by we all had a tag and we acted out a skit by having a roll play, i don't know if you remember but that was fun! I'll miss you and hopefully we'll stay in contact with Facebook and those Facebook game which we played together like 'SongPop" and stuff.

Mrs Brenda Leong 
Mrs Brenda Leong, back when you started teaching me in Secondary 3 i didn't really like you, however your fun lesson and helpfulness had totally change that negative impression of you to a extremely positive one! I remembered there was once i written an essay and i did badly for it and you as me to re-write it for like 4 times till i get it right and at first i was pretty reluctant to do it however after you mark the work which i handed up to you i was so happy and felt that i have achieved something though! :) I'll miss you and all the best in furthering your studies and i hope to see you again soon! 

Mr Daryl Toy 
An awesome and fun teacher! Thanks for always making Element of Business Skills lesson so fun, i remembered back in the Four Seasons attachment you help me resolve some conflicts i have with the other school students and i am really touched by that incident, that incident make me feel that you are extremely caring towards your students and will protect them no matter what! Thanks for those meal you had treated the EBS class in the past 2 years and also accompanying us through the stressful coursework and also the N'Level paper. I am truly sorry for those angry moment our class had gave you! ): So sorry! I'll miss you and i'll never forget those awesome moments we have had in EBS class.  

Ms Dawn Lim 
Ms Lim! Hehe, thanks for being such a fun and awesome teacher, i will never forget the Four Seasons WEP we had. Is like working with you is so fun and also i get to know you more from that. Is like folding napkin together with you and chatting with you is fun! I'll miss you, is like i hope to see you again soon though. Sigh! Thanks for helping me in EBS and sorry to make you angry at times. Oh yes! Thanks for motivating me to get back my first position for Prelim 2 with those words of yours back in Prelim 1 :) Thanks!

Mr Albert Lim 
Teacher! Thanks for teaching me Maths, is like i am really thankful that you are so patience in teaching me despite me always showing you attitude when i am all stressed up while learning Maths. I used to failed Maths like crazy back when i was in Secondary 1/2 and now i eve got first in Maths. Thanks teacher. I'll miss your lesson! 

Mr Vannan  
Thanks for teaching me Maths and honestly you had make me find Maths easy and i really do appreciate that, if it wasn't for you i think i might still be failing my Maths now! Thanks teacher! 

Mrs Elaine Wong 
My awesome Badminton teacher-in-charge! Thanks for always accompanying us in Badminton and taking care of us. Is like back in badminton you spent your time giving me and some classmates extra lesson for Maths despite some student wanting a match with you. I really appreciate what you have done for me and my friends. I'll miss Badminton a lot! I'll see you soon.

Mrs See 
谢谢老师的教导!老师,我的中文一直都考不好。我真的很感激你慢慢的教我认华文字!我还记得口试的那一阵子你每天给我们朗读那些...Previous years N'Level 口试的考卷!我真的觉得中文课很好玩,虽然华文课只有短短的三十分钟但是我觉得那三十分钟很充实!我会很想念你的老师!很感激你从不放弃我们那好么吵闹的班.

I have lots of friend that had accompany me throughout my Secondary Education, without all these friend by my side i guess it would have been rather hard for me to simply have fun and find someone talk to when i need them. I really do appreciate what you guys have done for me and tolerate my nonsense attitude for so long, i'll definitely miss you guys! Each and everyone of your.

Here are a few close friend of mine which i want to give them a shout out for making my Secondary life a fun one (They are my extremely close friend):

Firstly, i just want to apologise for always tolerating my attitude throughout the years. I just want to let you know that i don't really meant what i said or do, is like everytime i got stress up and stuff i'll feel extremely pissed off hence i'll throw my anger as and when i like which i really bad. I am so sorry bro! Even though we have some conflicts over the years however we had resolved it and our friendship is better than ever! I remember us talking for the first time when we were in Sec1 and we are like bond together because were in the same class and also CCA, than in Sec2 we join Badminton together and honestly i always looked forward to going out to eat with you, Gerald and Benny before the CCA starts.

Remember back in Secondary 1/2 we were weak in Maths and thinking back we had improve so much. We work extremely hard together to get to where we are today! Thank for being a great motivation and teaching me not to just live for that "1st position" and stay positive! Thanks. I hope you can get good results upon getting back our N'Level result.

Now that we are working in the same company, it really bond us together more and honestly i hope that our friendship will never come to an end! Once again thanks for always being there throughout those tough times we have had. Motivating each other to carry on working hard! An awesome competitor in studies and also a great buddy! Now that i think of it, i regretted not cherishing time together with you and some other people though. ):

Even though we have had some conflicts however i have to say it was fun to be your friend, is like you have been my motivation to study hard for Maths and i would like to thank you for it. I have no idea what have our friendship became but i truly hope that we'll stay in contact even after graduation! Sorry for giving you attitude in the past and good luck in ITE! See you during result day! :)

Sis! Thanks for those fun times we had together both in School and also slacking together. Is like ven though we had some conflicts back in the day however we had resolved it. Hehe! Anyway i really miss those time where we used to go out together, gossip like insane and forgetting those stress which we have! Sigh, thinking of it make me feel so...hmmm! Sad? Ohwell, thinking back when i first know you, you had changed a lot though. You had become prettier and also smarter, i can honestly say that you had improved a lot in your studies though! Goodluck to you and i'll see you soon maybe during the N'Level result day! Hehehe. ^.-
My all time WWE friend! Hehehe, thanks for those fun moments that we share talking in school! Is like i'll never forget WEP where we were talking about those "Shops" that we say was nice! I think you know what i meant. Hahaha! Anyway i'll definitely miss you loads and those time we chatted in EBS lesson and stuff! Sigh.

Jean! Sorry for not taking picture with you during Graduation night, anyway thanks for being an awesome friend lets slack again soon alright! Is like we have know each other for around 5 years now and i think that we have come a long way as friend. I am really sorry for not helping you at Maths as time as i am stress up myself either. Anyway good luck in getting back your N'Level result next week!

Hey sis! Thanks for being a great friend. I really miss slacking with you though, anyway you are working now and it's even harder for us to meet up so yes! Let's find a date and go hang out again together with Jean maybe :)! Anyway i wish you all the best and see you soon!

Hey! Thanks for those fun moments we have together and those time where we were gossiping in Canteen and stuff like that! Thanks for those photo you have taken for me in Graduation night and i'll miss you upon graduation! All the best in ITE and for my readers do visit Jiahui blog @

My awesome 4T1`2012 class! Thanks for being an awesome classmates and i will definitely miss you guys and all the teachers. Is like even though the class is noisy however now that i think of it i find the class really fun and is rather bond together, time flies though! Is like we just enter Secondary Educations a few days back and now we are already graduating! Sigh. I really hope we will have some meet-up session in the near future to catch up with one another! Thanks for the awesome year! :) Goodluck in ITE though!(:

Huiling, Rachel & Other NPCC squadmates which i am close with
Hey guys! Thanks for helping me in Maths back when we were in Secondary 3, without your help i might not even have a chance to get an "A" for this subject. Is like despite your are having your O'level this year, your are still willing to spend time in helping me with my Maths, just to let your know i really do appreciate what your have done for me! I really wish your all the best in getting back your O's result and i really hope to see you guys soon! Thanks for those awesome and fun memories which we had shared together!
Sigh! Posting this post is making me feel like as if i am leaving this school for good and won't get to see most of these people again, well i seriously hope that's not the case as i really want to meet them again! After this Graduation night, i guess this is somehow the end of my 4 years of Secondary Education. Those stressful moments, tiring moments, fun moments, crazy moments will definitely be remembered for a long time! (: Thank you Bendemeer Secondary School for all these awesome memory!

Gif image of some of my favourite moment in my Secondary Education! :) (Only can be seen on Computers)

Thanks for reading this blog of mine! I'll see you guys real soon alright 

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