Monday, December 24, 2012

I ♥ my awesome phone!

Hello everyone! It has been a pretty long time since i last posted an entry right. Anyway Happy Christmas Eve to all of you guys! Okay, i decided to do up this entry to show you guys my awesome phone though, is like i have not blog in ages hence i decided to randomly post up an entry to satisfy you r hunger in reading my blog! ♥

So apparently i had recently purchase a new iPhone cover online and i have to say i really love it. Even though it is a little pricey however it's worth every penny of it! :) Well, this iPhone cover is from this brand which i love called:

Yes! You are right. My iPhone cover is from Marc by Marc Jacobs! i have to say when i first saw it online it caught my attention instantly. I didn't even bother to consider it and purchase it! Is like there's many other similar design but this is the one that caught my attention! Ohwell.

Anyway i waited for like 1 days for the transaction to be processed and another 5 days till this item arrived at my house as i used the express shipping method so that it will be faster. YesYes! I am a very impatient person!

Well, i think i'll just finish up this post with another few other picture of my phone and that's it! Hehe!

Amulet bought by my friend to me from Japan! I truly appreciate it though. Hopefully i'll be a ble to find true love really soon even though i am only 16years old! :) OhWell!

Yes! I know, this is kinda a meaningless post but i really have ran out of topic to blog about though. What a boring life am i having ever since i started working. Sigh! Okay i guess i'll blog again soon to update you guys on my result and stuff! (: Ciao! Oh i almost forgot, if your want to have this iPhone cover click here for more info! I think there's a cat one and also a dog one? Well i personally like Owl more though! Alright, thanks for reading my blog and i'll see you people soon!

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