Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas! :D

Happy Belated Merry Christmas my friends! How's your Christmas, had fun? I hope so.

Well, Christmas is pretty much just a normal day for me and honestly i had only celebrated Christmas once maybe back in Primary 3 or 4 while i was in Malaysia due to my cousin wedding! That was pretty much the first and last time i had ever celebrated Christmas. Okay enough of me blabbering all this nonsense...! (:

During Christmas i went out with my cousin Yixin together with my sister, i have to say it was fun however we do not have the Christmas feel this year. Sigh!

This is a random picture which i had took before heading out to meet up with my cousin! 
Went to the arcade to chill and have fun for awhile while waiting for the movie
This is me while playing "Time Crisis"? I guess, i am so sorry but i had forgotten the game now!

Movie ticket for the movie 'Wreck-It Ralph
The movie was pretty awesome though! This movie is based on this character from the game called "Fix-It Felix, Jr". I have to say, the story-line was great and the movie itself was pretty funny! This movie is about friendship and promises. (: Do go and watch it if you have the time, i am sure to watch it again soon! If you guys are thinking on how much rating i will give /10, well i would rate this movie an 8.5/10! Hehehe!

After the movie, we saw some Macaroons and decided to give it a try and honestly speaking it's really nice. Is like even though it's expansive but i think it's worth the price. Hehehe! Plus the colour is so bright and the shape of these cookies are so cute..OhWell! You gotta try it :)

Well, as we were walking my cousin told me that Mos Burger had been around for quite some time now and the food they sell is delicious and honestly i had not tried it. At first i was pretty reluctant to give it a try but sigh. There was not really any other food to eat hence i give in and ate something. Whoa! I have to say the fries are really delicious though. YummyYumYum!

These just cost me around $6 which is extremely worthy due to the fact that it is really delicious and yummy
So after dinner we decided to head over to Orchard Road to have a walk and was crowded! Is  like the entire stretch of Orchard Road was block as there are some concert going on hence there's many people! Ohwell at least the decorations is nice! Is like even though i still prefer last year lighting over this year but it's fine! It's fine. Ohwell here are some pictures:

So after walking down Orchard we decided to go to Ion to have a walk and also rest, is like we have been walking for like 1hour plus non-stop so we decided to find a place to sit down and simply slack upon reaching ION Orchard.

Here's a picture of me and my sister upon making our way to ION Orchard! :)
Okay so we chatted for a bit and the next thing we knew was the time, it's like 10:30pm already hence we decided to head home as my cousin have to prepare for a project and stuff upon reaching home! OhWell. This is the end of the post but here are some pictures which we had toko using my cousin iPad, maybe i can called it....Christmas Bonuc pictures (Taken by my cousin iPad)? Hahahaha!

Okay, i guess this is it! The end of the post. Oh wait before i go allow me to share this picture with you guys, well do your know where was this picture taken at?

Well if your know tell me where is it taken and ya'know who knows i might do a giveaway just because of this picture to the person who know where is this picture taken at first! :D

Okay, thanks for reading my blog and i'll see you real soon alright. Stay tune to my blog for more post! (:
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