Sunday, October 21, 2012

Puh-lease! Don't think of us the wrong way.

A new blog post! Warning: This is not the Halloween post though! I'm sorry, today is more of a little ranting blog post though. So for people who came for the Halloween post please check back for the post soon and if you want you can choose to read this little ranting post of mine! ショック  

I have been getting a lot of comments from people telling me that i'm one of those people who blog and try to be other words, they are telling me that i'm a Blogger wanna be (Blogger like Xiaxue, Typicalben, QiuQiu and other well known blogger)! Seriously my dear haters or rather *ahem* some so called nice readers, how can you use such pathetic/fake remarks against me when you don't even know me. ):

Okay, allow me to verify your remarks against me or maybe clear some of your doubts towards people who blog but got judge by you haters for being a blogger-wannabe. :) Alright lets begin!

I had said this for a few times now and i bet people who are stucked with me from the start would know this, i blog to rant out my thoughts and also write about my life. Basically, this blog is like a journal/diary to me! I write what i want and that's it! Nothing else. 

People are always telling me that since i am not crazy over popularity than why am i advertising my blog and also posting it like countless time on my twitter. Well, this is just a way to advertise my blog and what has this got to do with popularity? So are you saying that once i advertise my blog i'll be as popular as the other bloggers out there? NO! They are bloggers who blog their ass off to get to where are they today and i'm nothing compared to them alright and i really look up to them for inspiration and motivation, plus the way they handle haters are simply amazing alright!

Calm down! SimplyEdwinn, you have gotta calm down! (: 

Next! Why are your even judging people and calling them bloggers-wannabe when they are just posting blog post that they like? Stuff such as: Fashion, Food, Movie, Flea, Cosmetics, Photography and stuff. To me, these blogger are awesome because they are doing things that they like and they are advertising their blog to share what they like to people out there and i think that they are cool and are not selfish to not share their images or fashion sense to the world. (: I salute these bloggers though! 

Ohwell, i think i'm pretty much done with this post! Phew, feel like 90% of my negative thoughts is officially out of my brain and the other 10% is regarding my friendship problem which i am facing currently! :@ 

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Alright! I'm really sorry for this rant post though, i'll try to find time to blog more soon maybe Halloween and some other stuff too! So byebye, do check back more alright for other post and thanks for reading my blog and giving me so much love/support! :D

Photo before i leave:
A photo taken with my friend Kristy back when we were slacking! 

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