Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm back! How's everyone? Life is getting more and more bored for me though.

My 'N' Level examinations had started a few days back and it was pretty scary as i am the only one in my class that find those paper difficult though. Oh well, what's done is done so let me forget it and talk about something else. :) How's life for you people? Haha! Sigh. Feel so lifeless. Well on the brighter side i have completed the first part of my "N" Level and i'm pretty happy however next Monday we'll start the second part of our Preliminary examination which i am not looking forward to as we'll be tested on Maths, Science, Computer Applications and Element of Business Skills which i would most probably screw up even though i got first for all my exams last year. Honestly i'm pretty nervous though! Oh well, all the best Edwin!

Well i had been sick while taking my paper too though so it was kind of stressful. During my listening comprehension exam my head was spinning and we have to wait for a goddamn 30mins for it to broadcast live and i slept like crazy. I have to admit i have even thought of giving up the exam. So that continue for 2 days till the last paper and the doctor was like asking me if i want an MC i was like i can't due to exams ): Oh well!

Despite me having my examinations i still know how to have fun to release stress and i did many fun stuff like hanging out with friends and also shopping! (I'll blog about it some other time) Yes! It was memorable. (: 

Anyway, i just want to update a few pictures to end this post as i'm heading out soon though so here it is :
Taken on my way to Gardens by the Bay from Marina Bay Sands. 
Taken when i was studying with my friends in McDonald! A total geek, was since so i wore a sweater and please don't think that i am crazy alright </3 haha!

Alright well, i'll post till here! Oh wait, i know some of you might be thinking why the hell is my picture so low quality right now right. Well, my camera broke down a few weeks back in East Coast as i dropped it on to the ground and the lens somehow cracked though :/ FML ! 

Alright! Thanks for reading my blog and hope to see your again soon ! Byebye ! 

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