Saturday, September 8, 2012

Friends are love!

I'm back once more! After this post i'm so going out for lunch before i start to revise for my examination which is like 2 days away. Well today i'm going to blog about my day out with my friends JunQi and Benny a few weeks back. I know this post took a really long time but at least it's out right! Lets start :D

So apparently i wanted to watch Katy Perry: Part of Me movie so i called and demanded my friend to accompany me there and they had no choice but to say okay. Laughs! I was kidding alright. Well, so i met my friend to to have breakfast over at Suntec City and it was awesome

From Ya Kun Kaya Toast @$2plus.
So after that we went to purchase the tickets and waited for the movie while walking around shopping and stuff.

Right after that movie we went off to MBS to walk around and there we had a rather fun time just by catching up with each other and also purchased something to munch on for the walk to MBS! HAHA :D Pathetic right, have to walk and not take a train or bus. NO! We all decided to walk there while chatting as it's a rather close distant only. Well anyway this is what i bought to munch o on the way to MBS :D

Crispy chicken bought from a stall at the 1st level of Suntec City @$3.80 :)
Went to walk around and look at some stuff and i saw this shoe which cost like $188 there and somehow i am like desperate to have it already ): Well moving on, we walked pass this store called TWG and i have to say i was blown away when i saw Macarons i was like i want to try it so i went to purchase a few of them and i have to say i totally forget the flavour however it was extremely nice :)

Bought at TWG @$2.00 each piece
So after that we went to this Sky Garden at the top of The shoppes at Marina Bay and it was rather fun we were running here and there like crazy and i think i was behaving like a 12 years old kid and i totally forgot all about my stress which i have due to exams. I also did some camwhoring there and allow me to show you some of it and i have to say the picture taken at this destination was not edited but filtered by my iPhone. :)

 So after that at around 4plus we went over to Gradens by the Bay and i have to say the Scenery was awesome and it was so much better than the previous time i went there though! So upon reaching there i was like camwhoring like crazy!

So at around 6 plus we decided to stop for dinner at the Garden and i have to say the food variety there was quite limited and we decided to have Texas Chicken for dinner and this is what i had bought :
From Texas Chicken over at Garden by the Bay @$6.80
After dinner we continue to explore the garden and noticed something i had changed my clothing though and yes! i must always bring extra clothing out though anyway 
While exploring my friend too a photo of me camwhoring ! Wthhh !

Some random picture taken by me :D
Anyway after exploring we decided to go back to MBS to slack and stuff and simply talk. We were chatting about stuff that we had never thought of such as our future, school, studies and our point of view. I was shocked and we all had promise each other to work hard to achieve our goals so yeah. Anyway back to this blog post :D

Anyway we chatted till like 11plus and went to catch the water show once again anyway it was pretty nice however my phone died and i couldn't take any more picture ):

Well, i shall blog till here now and i'll post more soon alright.
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Thankyou for reading my blog guys! :)
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