Friday, August 24, 2012

Long post before heading out !

It has been around 4 weeks since i last blog, well is not that i did not want to blog, is just that i have no time to blog with test and exams which is coming up in a few weeks time. Anyway today i managed to find some time to update my blog. Awesome right ! Anyway let me start by saying this :
Happy belated 47th Birthday Singapore ! 
Hah! As you can see from the title of this post "Long post before heading out !", yea right ! I am trying my best to rush out this post before heading out though!  :) So i'm posting about something which i had done one week back and i hope you people will stay tune and read it though ! So are you ready? Well you can't choose :b ! 3,2,1 lets GO !

August 4`2012

Went out to celebrate my friend JunQi birthday and i'm super jealous that he is finally 16 now haha! Anyway we went to several places which include Parkway Parade and also Changi Airport. 

The day before our day out we had decided to go for a little bike riding adventure at East Coast Park. My friends woke up like at 6:50am to prepare and i woke up at 7:05am ! :) They went there super early while i was taking my own sweet time to do my hair, put on my Contact Lens etc.
Photo taken via Instagram - 
Yes i took a cab down to my friend and i seriously can't stop myself from camwhoring though ! :) Oh Well like what my teachers said "Edwin is really vain" :) ! Back to topic! haha, so i took a cab there and it was rather cheap though, the cab fare was like $11.85, i expected it to be like $16. 

Anyway upon reaching East Coast my friends came and meet up with me as they had reached the destination even earlier than me! :) So after they had came i went to rent a bike which cost like $12 for 2 hours @ Area C of East Coast Park. 
Photo taken via Instagram - 
We were cycling happily and i also noticed that my hair became really messy though ! Well, who cares! So as we were cycling i started feeling hungry as i had not have my breakfast though so me and my friends decided to head over to the new McDonalds and i have to say that the environment of the McDonald was awesome...Sadly i didn't take any pictures ): Well anyway this is what i ate :
Yes! That was my breakfast of that day, anyway after breakfast we carry on cycling around and we went to Bedok Jetty as me and my friend had never been there though so we went there! Anyway the scenery there was extremely nice hence i can't help it once again but to camwhore there -

Well after which we have to return the bike so we raced back to the bike rental shop and i have to say it was a blast :) For one moment i can forget about my stress and just simply have fun ! :)

After we had returned the bike we all decided to go to Parkway Parade as my friend wanted to have lunch. However on our way there we got lost as we had forgotten how to go there so we had no choice but to use the GPS on our iPhone which is pure dumb but who cares at least we got to our destination :) But before we reach Parkway we first went into the Library to use the computer there and also rest awhile ! Yes! It was my idea, i know i am lazy but i can't be bothered ! ~

My friends and i decided to have Pasta Mania for lunch and ii have to say that the service there was rather slow. Oh Well !:) Anyway after lunch we went to walk around and also do some shopping however there seem to be nothing to shop there though !

At around 4pm we all decided to head down to ITE College East (Simei) for a visit and also see the environment as some of us actually want to choose this college upon graduation. :) So we went there, on our way there we chatted like as if we had not met each other for like 10000000years haha!

After we had reached the ITE my friends saw a punching bag session and decided to like play with it for awhile and they ask me to join them so i had not choice but to join in the fun ! :) We were kicking and punching it like as if the we bought the college haha! :)

Alright, after the ITE College thingy, me and my friends went over to Changi Airport and from there we went to have our dinner @ Ramen Champion located at Terminal 3 and i have to say it was awesome as i have got a discount as the manager there know me :)

So yeah i reached home rather late at around 12:20am ?! :D Anway shall blog till here though ! See you guys soon !

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