Friday, September 2, 2011

23 more days till my birthday :DD

I am back once again ! So yesterday i promise you guys that i will post today right so yeah here is it :DD
Of course , people who had read my blog should know what is today post about as for people who did not read my post yesterday *Show stupid face* today post will be about my EBS sales.

Let me start by showing you guys my push cart :

Yeah :D This is the push cart me and my team is using ! As your guys can see it's decorated with stars and heart shapes ^^ So yeah ! I have to say it took us really long to decorate the carts.
Now let me show you guys some of the cute products that my team sold during the bazaar : 

This is not a pizza but a notepad :D And we managed to sell all of it !
This is not a drink , not a notepad but a memopad ! :D And i bought one of it while my friend JunQi bought another one ! 

This are some excercise books , and it comes with a4 size and also an a5 one :D
Facemask :D We only managed to see 2 of it D:

But the good news is , we managed to earned $130+ and  i have to say i did not thought we could earned so much money as other team have done really well in decorating their stall and staff . 

And i never thought so much teachers will come support my store , and most of them bought more than 1 stuff from my store. And my NPCC friends too *Small Voice* Most of them was being forced to come by me :p And they are ZhenTeng , JiaHern and JunQi 

Anyway yesterday Ian Fang came to our school and many girls want to take picture with him so here are some of his picture :

Yeah , Left ( Jessica ) Center (Ian Fang) Right (Rebecca)

Right after celebration we went back home and i was stucked at home sleeping yesterday :x
And yeah ! I did say i'll share with you guys some stuff from my slacking time with my friends right so here are some of the pic : 

 Alright i shall update my blog till here ! More to come tomorrow alright ! ^^ Shall prepare going to work now . Meeting my friend Grace later. 

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