Sunday, July 22, 2012

Random Tutorial on how i get my red hair :)

I'm back !

Alright! I had been really busy lately due to school and also being sick at the same time hence i was not really in the mood to blog though. Sorry :x
Anyway the thing is i had recently lose my file that contain my English 10years Series, EBS Assesment Book and like all my worksheets and it sucks as i have a test coming up next week and also i'll be sitting for my N-Levels MT Oral examination though so yeah...kinda worried :/

Moving on, so many people had asked me if my red hair is real and the answer to it is "NO' ! And if you are wondering how i get my red hair in pictures....well let me show you how so stay tune.

*Disclaimer : I'm not very good at this and this is the first time EVER i'm doing a tutorial hence be kind. This tutorial might work for some people and not work for some people hence you got to try it yourself and lastly remeber don't judge. 

Let's start ! So i edit my pictures using mainly Photoshop and Photoscape and i have to say this two photo editing software is awesome and if you do not have these software and you want to like look good in your pictures that i think you should just go and download it. Maybe you can google it or something like that !

Anyway here's the before/after photo :
Before (On the left) & After (On the right)
Yay! Upon looking at the picture above i seriously feel a great sense of achievement :) Okay back to topic this hair colour editing thing will work if you do not have extremely black coloured hair...and if you have super black hair you could try it too however it did not work for me though so yeah :/ But nevermind here's a tip while taking your random tip :
-Always take your pic when you have enough sunlight hence it'll make your hair look less dark. 
Well so i first started the editing with photoshop and for people who had never use it before here's a picture of how it look like oh shit i forgotten ! I'm currently using Adobe Photoshop CS5 though so here's a picture of how it look like :
Yes this is how photoshop look like :) Honestly when i first stated using photoshop i was confused with all the
function that it has so yeah :/
Right. So after you had your photo and stuff in the software you can start to edit. Well normally for me i'll start by brightening up my picture first so that my hair would look less dark hence it'll be easier for me to edit it :) :
So as for this part you'll have to click on Image>Adjustment>Brightness/Contrast and you know move the bar here and there to see where the brightness you want it to be upon getting the pop-up message :)

Okay! So now we'll have a bright picture :) So after you had edited the colour there's 2 simple step that you have to do before colouring your hair :

  1. Change the colour of the colour palette located at the bottom of the left side bar underneath the Magnifying class and change it into the colour that you want your hair to for me mine is red hence you can see my red is over the white colour at the bottom (1)
  2. Select the brush tool located under the so called "Plaster icon" and set your opacity located at the top to like 13-16% (2)
Number #1 - Change the colour
Number #2 - Change the opacity :)
After you had done so you can start painting :)
  1. Change the brush size to whatever you want 
  2. Paint the hair and it would be a bit bright hence you'll have to paint a few time before it become the colour that you want 
Okay ! So after you had painted your hair you'll have to burn it to make it look darker otherwise people would know that something is being done to your pic and so here's how :) **Note: this process is done after the hair is painted to the colour that you want not before the painting of hair
  1. Click on the burn tool 
  2. Set the exposure to like 16-23% 
  3. Paint it like how you paint your hair colour but not too harsh

So after this you are DONE ! YES DONE ~ Here's the end product 

However there's still one more tip and that's to use a program called "Photoscape" to like filter your image colour and also the effect :
Yes this is photoscape and once again i have to say this software is real awesome and you'll have to   explore it yourself...but here's how i normally edit pictures though :)

Yes :) I normally use filter to edit pictures as i think filter really changes everything and here's how you do it Click on Filter>Film Effect>Choose the filter that you want and click that's all :) And yeah that's all for this post ~ 
Well here's a few ther picture of me with red hair :

That's all for today post ! 
Byebye ! :) GOODLUCK ! ~ \
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Thanks for reading my blog <3 Until next time ~ Byebye !
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