Monday, June 4, 2012


I recently found out that some friends of mine don't really like me and they said that i have changed a lot and that my mind is all about trying to become famous/popular...whoawhoawhoa! There's more though they said that i'm being popular the negative way (: WOW ! Genius huh?! 

Alright, allow me to clarify one thing with you my awesome friends. I ain't popular neither am i trying to be popular alright (: Like what's wrong with me posting my twitter link and blog link onto my Facebook page? Is it against the law..come'on you yourself my dear friends are desperate for followers too alright, moving said that if i ever quarrelled with you and i'll make you lose followers right (: you think i'm even capable to do that :p Joke! I was just kidding with you and come'on i can't believe you fell for it...muahaha! No sense of humour huh?! ^^

Well, i don't know what else did you guys say behind my back but seriously i don't give a damn so carry on bitching behind my back and thanks for putting me in the middle of your attention/mind talking about me :) Appreciate it ! HAHA....Ciao ~ ^^
Oh right! Enough of this unhappy stuff and let talk about something more fun alright ! :p 
Well i went to USS and i have to say it was like my 7th time there and this time round it was quite a depressing experience like we went to ride on of the smaller roller coaster there and it was stupid uh while we are going up the so called slope it stopped due to some malfunction thingy and i was like whatthefuck is wrong with it and guess what it was somehow drizzling and of course you'll get pissed off right. >: Anyway enough of me blabbering and here are some photos (:

From left to right : My sister Eileen, My cousin Huimin, My cousin Yixin and me ! (:
From left to right : My cousin Huimin, me, My cousin Yixin and my sister Eileen  ! (:
Alright...after taking some pictures etc we went off to The Transformer Ride and we waited for like 1hrs45mins and we thought we was near to the ride however theer was like some malfunction and my cousin Huimin was like what a waste of time so we went out feeling rather pissed off...i was still alright with it as i have ride the attraction before but not my cousin and my sister. 

So after that we went off to eat @ Mel's Drive in and we were sorta of rushing yet the Cashier gave us wrong order and i was like wtf ! :/ But it's alright we are still in time for the Monster Rock show @ 3:30pm ! haha !~

From left to right : My sister Eileen, My cousin Huimin, My cousin Yixin and me ! :) we carried on walking around looking for more fun things to do till 6pm like eating and shopping as my cousin Huimin have another appointment afterwards so she'll have to leave early so yeah ! (: Here are one of a random pic that we took :
Yes ! Huimin with the bigbig turkey leg (:
Me with the bigbig turkey leg ! (:
Alright so after my cousin Huimin left me, my sister and Yixin went to carry on having fun and stuff like that (: Muahaha ! We went to walk around the theme park looking for some characters apperance but we failed as they are having some sort of parade called the "Hollywood Dream Parade" which showcase all of the character in USS and i have to say it was awesome however theres's super many people. :x
Yesyesyes! It was really crowded there so yes, the pic is really damn blur :/
Another random picture of the parade (:
Okay after the parade me together with my sister and cousin Yixin went off to the Cafe "Celebrity Cafe & Bakery" so have some dessert and i have to say that the cake there was extremely nice so here are some pictures of me and my sister cake :p Yes! My cousin have her own cake as well however i did not took a picture of it so yeahh...However she was eating a Mango cake ?! ;x
My cake called the Cocoa somethingsomething one cannot remember haha ! (:
My sister Tiramisu?! Did i spelled it correctly? Idk haha~ 
Wellwell after we have our dessert we went off to walkwalk again and it was rather fun anyway we all went to the rest room to like do our hair etc as it was damn messy after walking around like crazy so yeah right after that we went to have our dinner @ Hollywood China Bistro and here are some pictures for proof hahaha ! :
Yangchow fried rice that cost $16 ?! :D
Mango pudding?! :x Anyway my cousin and sister ate this ! :D
Okay after that we say goodbye to USS as it was like 8:40pm already haha! We was wanting to take to Sentosa express back however the line was extremely long so we decided to walk back to Vivo via the Boardwalk :) Haha ! :
Me on the Boardwalk ! Photo abit cui uh ! (:
Firework #1 :D
Firework #2 :D
Alright ! Here are a few more random pictures that i took before ending this post :D Thankyou for reading my blog and hope you'll visit it again really soon ! See ya and good day ~ (:

BumbleBee?! :3
My sister took this picture during the HDP (Hollywood Dream Parade) ! 


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