Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello June ! :3

Time passes extremely fast right (: It's like June already though that means very soon i'll be sitting for my N-Levels examination. Haha! 

Well anyway since it's still Holiday now, i should stop blabbering about school related stuff and talk about something more fun ! Alright, so today i went to Bugis with a bunch of friends and they are Ryan, Melissa, Jessica, Weijun and Ryan's Friend and i have to say it was a blast despite me finally not camwhoring for a day :3 Muahaha!

Right...i believe most of you people are thinking why the hell will we head down to Bugis all of a sudden right, well the reason is extremely simple...we went there because me and Jessica wanted to pierce back our Helix piercing (The top earbone piercing). I have to say i'm not really happy with the piercing because the piercing is more like my 5th ear hole rather than a Helix piercing though....maybe i should like go for a repierce soon ! Idk (:

Moving on...So after piercing our ear we went over to my workplace @Tsubohachi because the food there is awesome and we decided to have lunch there....:p NO LURHS ! We went there because my friend Jessica was looking for a job and guess what, her interview was a success ! HAHA ~ So that mean she's gonna be my colleague really soon. (: Oh i almost forgot to mention this....But Iluma has changed a lot and it's sorta nice now as in the interior of the shopping centre though :p Do dropped down there and take a look alright haha !

Jessica using my phone to take this picture inside Iluma lift :D
Alright ! Well i guess i shall blog till here now and ttyl guys ! ~ Thanks for reading my blog and i'll blog more soon ! D:

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