Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Get the fact right.

So apparently i have recently lose a friend and i have to say it is rather sad lurhs but who the hell cares. She's the one who started talking bad behind my back and now she said that my friend betrayed her? Jokeman !

**Disclaimer, this post might be offensive to some people and i could get into trouble but seriously what generation already? Come'on.

Alright...so this shit started with 3 friends and i'll name them friend A,B and C alright (: There's a few thing to take note though so yeah :

  1. Friend B used to be my good friends and yes ! They are friends with Friend C too.
  2. Friend A&B always call Friend C out to slack
  3. Friend C is closer to me :)
  4. Friend A used to be close but we seldom talk lately
So yeah something like that i think you people get the idea (: Well let me start the storey now ! ^^

A fews day ago...Friend A,B & C went out together and Friend A&B was talking some bad stuff about me like trying to become popular, popular in the wrong way etc and of course Friend C had no choice but to talk bad about me too. But 2days back i went to meet up with Friend C and she told me everything that Friend A&B had said and of course you'll feel betrayed right...plus Friend B said that she had once dislike Friend A before and now it was the total opposite.

Than today Friend B posted "I don't need a friend who like to betray, talk behind my back and with two sided face" on Facebook. Gosh, let me clarify this with you alright girl..you are the one who started all this shit and you started talking bad behind my back with Friend A and now you called Friend C a two sided face? Seriously, i think you are posting this shit for yourself to see alright like seriously, Get the fact right before posting all this shit.

Firstly, i do not really have issue with Friend A but like seriously...i think it's all Friend B fault alright. Posting all this shit and don't get the fact right before even posting all this shit. Oh yeah! You say that i'm desperate to gain popularity ?! GOSH ! You saying yourself...please ! Whythehell would i want to be popular? I have said this like a million time to you what's so good about popular like seriously once yiou are opular everybody is all up into your business and i guess you are deaf and cannot understand English. Please go and dust and dig your ear or simply whine alright ! (: Joke ! 

Secondly, my dear Friend A&B ^^ You guys said that i'm trying to be popular and now you said that i'm popular the wrong way ?! GOSH ! Does it even make sense, i ain't popular that's why i have to try to be popular and now you are saying i'm popular?! Confusing huh? So am i popular or not popular to you people? :p Jokedie lurhs ! Hold on, back to topic :p Well i'm being popular in the wrong way? What kind of wrong way (: Stripping naked in Social Media? Flirting Girls? What kind of wrong way? :p Joke ! 

Anyway, i have to say...i really want to alk to them and find out what's the real problem but really i !don't even want to talk to them now >: Haha ! Shall post till here now ! Byebye !
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