Saturday, July 7, 2012

Computer is finally repaired.

I miss blogging.

I'm back to blogging !! I miss you guys so much , sorry for not blogging for like a month now though. Well many people had been asking me why have i not blog in so long...well some says that i have lose interest in blogging, some says that i have ran out of things to blog about and others say that i have a new blog which is ridiculous. 

The real reason why have i not been blogging is pretty simple though : 
Well anyway it had been repaired ! Alright, so my last blog entry which i had posted was around one month back and i had lose like 80% of my readers though (Didn't expect it to be so much though). 

In between this past 1month i had done many things such as :
  • Purchasing my very first Contacts lens
  • Heading back to work
  • The start of school
  • Got my Tragus piercing and also my Helix piercing 
  • Gotten a new haircut from Essensual Bugis 
Well this is just a random shot of me wearing my school old PE t-shirt and also my contacts. 

N-Level Oral examination.

YES ! For those people who are taking their N-Level this year, you guys should have taken your English Oral exam right so yeah.
Alright, normally for my Oral exams i'll have plenty of confident before the examination though and i would't be stressed up however during N-levels Oral i seriously screwed it super like whatthefuck is wrong with me though...): At first we are like given 5mins to read through the passage and i thought the passage was easy and that i could read it without a single mistake however during the examination itself..i fumble p like half of the passage though. I was pretty shocked and couldn't believe that it happened though.

So after the reading aloud was the conversation part and honestly speaking the question ask was turn like 180degree though and the question asked was mostly about my job and i was like thinking what have my job gotta do with the conversation.

Some camwhore photo to end of this random post.

Edited red hair but failed but who cares. :x

Alright, i shall blog till here now ! Bye all thanks for reading my blog
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