Thursday, May 24, 2012

Orchard ! :3

Today was the last day of school :3 My June Holiday had officially started ! :3

Alright, so yesterday i went to town with my friend Jessica and i have to say it was a blast though. I met my friend down my block and we went to Orchard..reason for going out was because i was bored and don't want to rot at home and waste my life. Anyway, i have to say i'm having a really bad hair day, so please don't judge my hair tqvm (:
Yes! That girl besire me is Jessica :3 We went to shop at ION and went over to Scape to slack for awhile as we have nothing better to do...hence we did some camwhore ! (: I have to say it was fun but many passer-by was like staring and looking at us like as if we are doing something illegal though haha!
@Scape (1) - Hello there ! Carry on reading ~
@Scape (2) - Me acting blur (:
@Scape (Individual Shot #1) - Hello! I'm Edwin, nice meeting you ! :3 Welcome to my blog !
@Scape (Individual Shot #2) - Jessica solo shot ! :3 
Moving on, after we got out of Scape we went to the Istana Park to do some camwhoring and also chit chat there. I have to say camwhoring there was awesome alright...reason said is because there's not much people there hence it's not as awkward to camwhore there...Alright ! Anyway enough of me blabbering shit and let me show you guys the picture ! :
Yay! We are at Istana Park ! :D Awesome place to Camwhore ! (: Once again don't judge 
@Istana Park (Edited redhair #1) - Haha! Yes, i edited my red hair once again just for fun! I know i'll get many haters for this but nah.! I don't care :D
@Istana Park (Edited redhair #2) - Haha! Individual shot once again ! Ugly hair due to the wind :D
@Istana Park - Yesyes ! Jessica Solo shot ! :D Ikrikr Chiobu *ahemahem*

@Istana Park - Solo shot taken by the amazing photographer Edwin ! :D
@Istana Park - Solo shot taken by Jessica 

Anyway, Jessica wanted to to go and interview at my workplace @Iluma so we walked there on our own and we was chatting about what thing we'll purchase when we get our first salary and here are something that we really want to do and purchase 
  • Essensual Bugis to do our hair
  • Shopping Spree at H&M
  • A big feast at Tsubohachi (My workplace)
and many other things though ! So we was also chatting on how she can ace the interview and i can sensed that she is feeling nervous at that point of time and that make me really want to laugh right into her face though :p

Upon reaching there she went to like how to say interview and my Manager had told me to go and work back i was sorta reluctant too though....nevermind i' still thinking of it....So the interview started at around 6:25pm and it ends at like 7:05pm okay ! Damn long rigth (:

Anyway after that we went to Bugis Juntion and i was shocked to see BTOB there ! (: Like literally shocked as i did not expect myself to see them there as i did not read the news etc. 
BlurryBlurry, SqueezySqueezy...Cannot see anything ! :x
Yeah ! After this we went home at 8pm as my dinner is waiting for me though ! :3
Alright! I shall blog till here now ! More to come soon alright ! Thanks for reading my blog ! Ily ~~ 

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