Saturday, May 26, 2012

Holiday ! :3

Went back to school yesterday to get back my report books and i have to say i somehow regretted sleeping in my EBS and left like what is that?! 49blanks.
Yes, to many of my friends this is counted as a really good result already. However when you have been at the top before you'll find it  ridiculous that you have lose your position just because you left some blanks right. ):
Well anyway i went to have breakfast with my friends and after that we went to slack for a bit to try and catch up with one another and what we have been up to lately despite us being in the same class however we seldom talk about random stuff like that...Yes, ikr...what's slacking without some camwhoring right (Well i'll just post a few first to bribe you guys for not stopping to read my blog) But anyway i'm having a bad hair day again like 2 days straight so don't judge : 
Major camwhore (1) - On our way to purchase some snacks! :3 None Edited.
Major Camwhore (2) - Photo taken by Kristy, me together with Jean ! :3 None edited.
Major Camwhore (3) - Girls time ! :3 haha Jean (on the left) , Kristy (on the right) :D
Well i mention that we did talk about some random stuff right so imma tell you guys some random stuff which we had talk about here are something which we had talked about :
  • School Holidays
  • Funerals
  • Playing Pool
  • Karaoke
  • Friendship related stuff
  • Gossiping
Yes, we met at around 12:15pm as i was busy meeting my cousin in the morning at around 10 and went back home at 10:45 so yes..we chatted for like more than 5hours alright! I know this sound insane but that's fact ! haha...i can't believe it either though. Well anyway i guess most of you guys are bored in reading already yes here are some camwhore pictures again :3 More this time round : 
Major Camwhore (4) - This is a random shot taken at a nearby Badminton Court. Edited my red hair once again ! :D
Major Camwhore (5) - Camwhore with Jean my best jiejie !D :D
Major Camwhore (6) - Random funny picture that we had decided to take ! :3
Major Camwhore (7) - Random shot once again ! :D
Major Camwhore (8) - Together ! See my hair was so damn messy due to the wind ! :/ Hmph ^$&^%
Well anyway we had lots of fun and we were talking about our primary school days etc so it was great lurhs and i have o say that i have not had so much fun for slacking for such a long time already though haha! : 
Random shot taken by my friend Kristy ! :3 My body babehhh ! ~ <3
Major Camwhore (9) - My and Kristy ! ~

Major Camwhore (10) - Kristy and Jean ~ Girls time ~
Major Camwhore (11) Girls time once again!~ :D
Okay! So we went home at around 7pm and yes that's the end of today post...sorry i know my spost seem like as if i am in a rush right ! YES I AM IN A RUSH now so yeah byebye people <3
Thanks for reading my blog ! :D Anyway there're actually some jumpshot pictures however i do not have enough time to post it today so i'll post it some other day ! <3
Yes last picture of the day ! Awesome sanliaopai huh ?~ HAHA ! 

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