Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm back!

Hello people なく なく
My prelims had started for a few days...honestly i think that i had did quite badly for most of my exams this time round though. ): I don't really care about my position now after thinking of it somehow I think that it's ridiculous how i am losing my friends because of my selfish attitude in remaining on the so called "top" position of the class and i really don't want to stress myself up with school work.


After thinking and getting counselled by many of my friends and teacher i had finally learn to let go and if i don't do well in this preliminary exam 1 i'll just have to work hard in the next exam to try get back my position. (:

Anyway, i have not been studying a lot lately and on the contrary i had been going to LAN and hanging out with my friends even more frequently than ever ;haha! I know i know! i should be studying at home however it's just too boring and lifeless staying at home studying. :/ Alright, is like most of my friends have tuition at home and those we do not have tuition had been studying with their friends and stuff and they always asked me why am i not studying etc etc and my answer towards this kind of question are:

-I'm getting sick and tired of studying and honestly i do not want to make my life miserable and yes! i know i used to care about my position a lot however people changed alright.

Moving on.
So there're a few things that i want to tell share with you guys alright so first thing first

Apparently i'm back onto Formspring and you can ask me any question you want and i'll try my best to answer them however negative comments or politics question won't be answered. So do follow me :
Yes! As you can see on the side of my blog there's this new gadget which i placed which link you to my Tumblr page and YAY ! I finally started using tumblr even though i'm new to it ! haha. So do follow me on tumblr alright! Thanks ! 
So i have been losing a lot of twitters follower lately so i really hope i can gain it back soon and i really need you guys to help!/iEdwinGJW @iEdwinGJW

P/s: I'm going to follow back you after you had follow me and remember you'll have to mention me too. (:

Alright..i think that's all for now ! No wait one last thing ! Like my facebook page - thanks ! 


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