Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ruined future ?!

Is there anyone out there who truly care about me ?

I had been really emotional this couple of days as exams are around the corners and i'm not really prepared for it. I had been failing and i feel dumb, is like i used to be getting "1st" in most of my subjects like EBS (Element Of Business Skills), CPA (Computer Applications) and Science however this year not only did i not get "1st" i got shitty results.

Normally i won't let stress conquer me however this year i really don't know why will i let these stress conquer me. I've cried, i've lose my temper, i've scolded my teacher etc and i feel really bad. Sometimes i just feel like no one really care about me when i need them not even my best friend care.

Honestly, i don't even want to attend school now. I don't even want to take my N-Levels.
I'm really sick and tired of being compared with other people. Seriously i just had enough !
Give me a break !

Many of my teacher had ask me to slow down my pace and not to think too much about my results and position as those are the factors that are affecting my result but it's really hard to let go.
Is like i've work extremely hard last year to get to where i am in class today and it feels like all my accomplishment is going down the drain if i don't do well in my exams now.

Anyway, tomorrow i'm going to be sitting for my English paper and seriously i'm not prepared for it. And really i don't want to study!

Alright. Enough of my negative stuff. Bye all !

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