Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I'm feeling really bad now though.

I feel bad because i didn't really do well in my exam today and i felt really stressed up while doing the paper this morning. For your info today was my Element Of Business Skills (EBS) paper and back in Sec 3 this subject is ridiculously simple and i got 1st for the 4 major test/exams last year.
However this time round the question set was totally different and honestly i was not prepared for it...when i saw the question my reaction was seriously whatthefreakinghell is this なく

......."the time now is 8am, you may start the paper" said my teacher, so just like that the exam started and the first page of the script was still alright and i was happily doing it until i reached page 3 and slowly my sweat started coming out as i started panicking...........i was like........... 

F**k! Whatthehell is this how am i suppose to elaborate?

I was flipping the exam paper like mad searching for the easiest question to do...however to me most of the question was difficult 
(NOTE: Most of the question are explanation question which need you to explain clearly) as my previous paper such as the Mastery Test and Common test are all like question and answer question however this time round it require you to explain and at some point of time i feel like tearing my exam paper away 猫 ガーン

It's now 9am...the D&T students finished their exam while us the Element Of Business Skills (EBS) and Food Studies students are still busy rushing and trying to complete the exam on time however of course.....I can't finish it :/

So i was looking around and i saw most of m friend was already lying down and sleeping while others look really relax in doing the paper and i was like

Gosh! How the hell can the be so relax ! D:

Anyway, time passes and i'm only left with 1min of time warned by my teacher Ms Tan and i was like...Oh great! This one minute was stupid though instead of trying to finish as much question as possible i went to count how many blank i left so it's kinda stupid though.

After the friend was like telling me that the paper was quite easy and i was like "-'-" where got easy.

I went to eat and i saw my EBS teacher and i told her that i left a lot of blank and i don't know why she don't really believe what i say though so...i really hope she'll not get pissed off when she see my paper as i had warned her already though :p

I think my mind will go blank today is because i am too stress though, i guess i really should learn how to let go...Nevermind i'll work harder the next time round and try to get back my position ! (:

Alright, shall blog till here now ! More post soon alright ! (: 
And wish me good luck for my CPA practical exam tomorrow

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