Monday, May 21, 2012

E-Learning day babeh ! :3

Hellohello! I'm back once again ! It's like 11:23am now and i bet many of you are like thinking whythehell is Edwin not in school right...the answer is because today is my E-LEARNING DAY ! Tadahh! :3 Now before i start yanking in this blog post let me show you guys a camwhore picture of me :
Yes! I have recently dyed my hair red and i'm gonna dye it back to black later on ! :3 haha!
Anyway i woke up pretty early this morning and the best part is i did some photo editing finally i'm not lazy at all :3 haha ! So yeah....than at around 7am i went out to have breakfast with my mother and i took some nice so called scenery image so here it's :

How's it , nice ma ! Nah, don't think so...since it's just a few random snap shot ! ^^haha!
Wellwellwell, i have just completed half of my e-learning while waiting for these picture to be uploaded so i have to say "Darn! Ace-learning you make me feel like punching my computer ya'know :/" yes, well this was from my twitter! haha~

Moving on! Many bloggers are doing some giveaway thingy so i also thought of having this thing however....I JUST DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH READERS! :x So yeah, will do it when i feel like i ave enough readers. :p haha !

Let's get back to my hair topic alright well....many of my friends think that i really went to dye my hair but....carry on reading to find out more :

HAHA! YEAP , i did't dye my hair though! All that was just a lie, i edited it as i wanted to see how i look like in red hair though haha! :/ I have hide this secret for like 3days now and only a few friends of mine know this ! Anyway i really have the temptation to dye my hair red however my N-Levels is getting closer day by day so yeah D:...............

Anyway i know this is a really short post so let me post a few more picture of me with me redred hair :

 Alright that's all for today post ! Thanks for reading do come visit my blog again soon ! :3 Mua ~

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