Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thinking back...

I'm finally out off NPCC! Still can't believe that 4years have passed just like this. 2009-2012 (:
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! continue reading alright :D
2009 Sec1 (:
In 2009 i joined NPCC with a really naive mind set and also a very weak stamina which can't even complete a 2.4km run in 16mins, worst thing is i can't even do more than 10push up. Always use crying as a method to resolve difficulties. But ever since i joined NPCC things had started changing...i can't say fully change but more or less i did change (: 

I remembered during our first NPCC parade, i finally met my squadmates and i was shocked as most of my primary school friends was in this CCA too people like Elton, TuckFei, Jiahern etc. and yes i was really happy. Ohwell! We got scolded at that very first parade by our NCOs as we were really slow and blur. Yes ! Indeed i have regretted joining NPCC countless time but what can i do right :/

Wait! This remind me of my very first promotion test i took for my LCPL rank (: The atmosphere of it will always be stucked in my head as it was my first time commanding people :/ Kinda scary but i have to say it was fun as it's not am everyday thing for me to stand infront to command :D

2010 Sec2 (:
After training for 1year in NPCC i finally managed to complete my 2.4km run in 15mins! No 14mins actually (:  As for all the push up if i remembered not wrong i could do like 39 i guess. Although it does't seem like i could do much but at least there are improvement right.

Yes! this was the year in NPCC where most of the activities are available for us and these activities/courses include :

  1.  Kayaking
  2. .22 Revolver shoot
  3. Total Defence Course
  4. ATC (Adventure Training Camp)
Alright there're a few more courses/activities but really i had forgotten what are they so whatever ! As for ATC i did not go so really i don't know what my squadmate did at the camp so yeahh....

As for the CPL promotion test i was not as nervous as when i was in Sec 1 i guess it's because i have more experience in Commanding people now hence i am not so shy :D WAHAHA !

2011 Sec3 (:
This is the year that we all had been waiting for so long! During the first half of the first term we have to attend the unit camp organize by our Sir/ma'am and it's also the camp which we have to attend before we can become an NCO. (: i have to say those few day was hell but it was a fun experience.

I also remembered that there was a time where my TOs chosen me and someone to become Head Of Planning for a amazing race @ Fort Caning park and honestly it's stressful and also tough as i am not a very communicable person and thanks to some squadmates for helping me with the proposal and stuff.
There's many disagreement during those planning days and stuff but who cares right ! We've completed it anyway.

After we became NCO and stuff, i thought that my life will be easier but i was wrong instead life had gotten even more tough and stressful due to studies and stuff. But what can we do but to also work hard till POP :D

2010 Sec4 (:
Yay ! POP year for us, time passes really fast and we are going to passed out and yes! This is a really busy year for us because of school and stuff however nothing can stop my squadmates working hard to keep the squad momentum and carry executing those weekly training and stuff and honestly i find them really hard working. (:
As time passes by we had finally passed out and yes! We had finally completed the 4years even though there are many times where we want to quit NPCC.

Even though i am not really close with my squad but really i have to thank them for keeping NPCCon going and also achieving gold unit (:

I shall post till here now! Bye all.

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