Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I might fail my Prelim at this rate ):

I feel like shouting :
I'm feeling really stressful as my Preliminary exams is coming up in approximately 2 weeks time, seriously i had not been doing well in school lately and i am starting to worry about my results because i really want to do well so that i could remain at my position and also get into a course that i want at ITE.

It's really difficult as i'm not those kind of student that could study non-stop. It took a lot of hardwork last year for me to finally get the results that i wanted and the position that i fought for really hard. It feels like it's too good to be true. After i had gotten the position that i want i felt really happy however that was a short term happiness as 2012 started the whole competition was restarted...Competition as in the exams and test which will determine our position.

Just 2days ago, i was thinking back how the hell could i get first last year and i was thinking&thinking without knowing the real reason why...however the only reason i could think of was because i am lucky last year to get my position otherwise i do not understand why i work so hard this year yet i am starting to fail my test and stuff. Am i a failure?

Friends and teacher around me had been giving me pressure and really i don't know what's happening.

Really, if i hadn't got 2nd position during Sec2 i might not have work so hard for the year 2011 and get 1st in the end. Seriously, why will i get 2nd during Sec2? I thought i';; get like maybe top 20. WhyWhy will i get 2nd ? Seriously, if i hadn't got that position i might not have to work so hard to maintain at my position like what all my close relatives and friends want me to do.

Anyway, i shall blog till here now! :/ Photos time. Enough about me talk rubbish.

Oh yeahyeahyeah !
HappyBirthdayy to Jessica from .::(G)irl(G)eneration!::. (: All the best to you and best of luck for 2012! SNSD Fighting! :p 난 널 사랑해 GG!

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