Friday, March 30, 2012


Hello there ! I'm and back and i just want to :
Yeah ! So hello everyone (: Iknowright ! I had not been blogging for like ages now and i do have reason alright. I have not been blogging because i am busy with my school work and stuff as usual and really imissyou guys a bit, a load, pretty much. HAHA ! Anway, i had failed plenty of my test lately and idon'treallywanttocare about it anymore though is like :
YesYes ! I know i should not have this kind of mentality because my N's and prelim are coming up really soon and i should be studying and preparing for all the major exams however really i am beginning to lose interest in studies though ! :/ Ugh ~ Forget it let's talk about something else ! and that's 
Bendemeer Secondary Fun fair 2012 ! (:
So tomorrow is my school fun fair and somehow i am not really looking forward to it but it's okay i'll still talk about it ...Let me start by showing you guys this picture : 
Yesyesyes ! That's Ian Fang, yes ! He is coming to my school tomorrow so yes he's having a performance at 3 however the tickets have been sold out i guess anyway for people who don't believe :
Okay ! So i ain't lying alright...Okay moving on.....

So tomorrow is the fun fair and my class will be setting up stalls tomorrow and i do hope you guys could give us your support (: One of the stall sell Balloon Sculpture while the other stall sell food and stuff. Look for all this banners which me and my teachers had drawn 
-Food stall is located in the canteen
-Ballonn Sculpting is located at the Cafe area 

Ohwell ! I think i shall post my blog till here (: Anyway let me show you guys some candid pictures taken by my friend while i was busy doing the banners in school. 

And here's a video of me doing the chubby bunny challenge and i have to say this video is super funny and awkward as this is my first time doing challenges like that so yea have a look at it : 
Alright ! Nights people ! Till next time ~ 
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