Monday, February 13, 2012

Voyage De La Vie ! :D ~

Tadadada ! Voyage De La Vie ~ :DDDDDD 
Spectacular and simply amazing ! :D Oh wait , sorry for posting such low quality photos as my camera was low on battery so most of the pictures taken was via my iPhone !

*Disclaimer- I'm just simply blogging about what i think is right so if you have got any problem with any part of this blog post you can just click on alt F4 on your keyboard or ya'know simply click the "x" on the top right hand corner of your window ! :D

Early in the morning at around 11:30am my friend gave me a text asking me if i am free ? I was like "Yeah , i'm free what's wrong ?" And he told me that he have an extra ticket for the musical Voyage De La Vie shown in Resorts World Sentosa and i was like "Okay" ! As i had never watched this muscial before and it had been there for quite a while now .

So i quickly rushed to prepare myself as we had decided to meet each other at 2pm , Vivo . So the following are what i did in like 45min i think :

  • Showering
  • Styling my hair
  • Dressing myself up
  • Camwhore for a bit 
  • Eat my breakfast ( McDonald breakfast ) 

 By the time i was done preparing myself it's already 12:20pm so i rushed down to the bus-stop and wait..................Wait...................Wait and seriously the bus 131 did not arrived so i flag a cab and told the uncle that i was in a rush .:Take note - It's 1pm already :. and the driver was like Okay sure i'll try to reach there as fast as possible and yes indeed he made it there on time :D

Went to Golden Village to meet up with my friend and after that went to walk around ! ~ 
At around 2:30pm my friend came out with an idea to go to Mount Faber and i was like OKAY ! So we walk....walk....walk....and walk for like 15min to the top of Mount Faber and guessed what ! The view was awesome :D And here are some of the pictures : 

Yeah ! So after the sight-seeing and stuff we noticed that we are sorta running late for the musical ( 3:35pm ) So we rushed down the stairs and ran all the way to the Sentosa Boardwalk and finally we reached the theatre :D Although we are late however we managed to watched like maybe 2/4 of the show and i guessed it's more than enough so enough of me speaking and here are some of the picture taken : 

 So yeah ! The concert was magnificent and it was really fun and thrilling ~ The performers stunt are awesome and nerve-recking ! So yeah ~ Do go and watch it to find out more ! HAHA ~

Okay ! So yeah , after the concert me and my friend went over to Queenstown for dinner and basically after our dinner we went to Ikea to walk around :D Super funny !
So yeah ! Shall blog till here now ! It's 12:31am already and there's school tomorrow more post soon alright ! ~ Love you guys ! 

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