Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back to being a blogger ! :D

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Drinking this while blogging is awesome !
Hello ! YeahYeah , i know many people are dying to know why have't i updated my blog for like 5 day now right...Well i guess i've been really busy this past week in school and yes ! Had been down with some stomach-ache and headache this past week. Feels terrible however no worries guys , i am feeling much better now :D

So this past week in school it was lots of competition as there's more than 4 test this past week and YES , i've passed all of it so yeah ! :D Super happy and of course super shocked luh , anyway did not attend NPCC yesterday as my stomach was hurting so badly till i'm like dying D:

And yes ! Maths was fun we started learning Trigonometry taught by my PE/Discipline Master Mr Zhuri and it was rather easy and at first i thought that it was going to be tough but all i can say now is i am SO DAMN WRONG ! Cause to be frank it's super duper simple :p However the sad thing is i totally forgot how to do the Sec 2 and 3s chapter while looking through my Maths 10 years series...Oh welll WHATEVER ~
Stupid face of mine ! Yeah , that's my new hairstyle D: And yesyesyes ! I dyed back my hair to black and it kind sucks i know
thanks to the school rules for forcing me to dye back D: But no worries , my previous BANGS hairstyle will come back eventually ! 
Oh well , anyway ! i had been playing Temple Run lately and yay ! I finally beat my friend and sister highscore ! Whoooohooo :D It's lots of hardwork and yeah here's the picture :
I know there's many people out there who is much better than me however i am not showing off or what is just that i am proud of my score so yeah ! 
Anyway ! I shall blog till here now and wait one last thing to add on :D 

To all my teachers , thanks for all the kind motivations you guys have gave me from the very first day of 2012 . I really appreciate all of the words you guys had said to me :D Even though this year is a really stressful and fast pace year however i am sure i'll pass with flying colours !
I am sure i'll make you guys proud and once again thankyou for teaching me and enduring my nonsense for so long ! Thanks a lot !
Alright nights all ! Love ya ~

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