Sunday, February 12, 2012

Back to blogging ! :D

School life had became miserable , 学校生活は悲惨ななっている
Pardon that stupid face of mine that i took while preparing to attend school a few days back. Oh yeah today photos will all be in my School uniform/PE :D Since many of you guys had wanted to see my in my uniform -FaceTurnRed-
So how are you guys doing ?! Did you guys had fun at work/school this week ?! :D Yes/No ?
For me the answer is definitely..Nope ! i have't had any fun stuff/events ever since Chinese New Year which ended like 2 weeks back .
Just by thinking about it make me feel sad and miserable but anyway i had been really busy trying hard to complete my EBS&CPA coursework for my N's and it's super hard and stressful till the extent where i have to go for counselling in school ! Stupid right (どのように愚かな) -Roll Eyes

Seriously ! I don't think there's a need for counselling but....Oh well ! There's nothing i can do about it -Yawn- 
Okay, enough of complaining and back to topic...Now let's see where was i.....Yeah ! Coursework, so apparently my first coursework started last week and it kinda sucks as i don't understand most of the question however what can i do ?! NOTHING D: So i have to search for informations using the net to search for informations related to my coursework and yes ! It's really fun however it's nerve-wrecking too as you'll not know what kind of question will the Assessed work come out as. So yeah -Cross Fingers- and hope it'll turn out to be easy. 

The next part of this post is all about...KPOP groups *AhemAhem* 
Apparently i had been really enthuse and obsessed with KPOP lately and the worst things is that i do not have any particular reason why am i obsessed with them but all i know is that their song is awesome -EncoreEncore- :p HAHA ! So here are some of the songs that i like from SNSD , IU , B1A4 and Boyfriend (So far these 4 are my favourite) so yeah :

  1. IU- Good Day
  2. IU- You and I
  3. SNSD- The Boys
  4. SNSD- Genie
  5. B1A4- OK
  6. B1A4- Only One
  7. Boyfriend- Don't touch my Girl
  8. Boyfriend- I'll be there
YES ! Awesome right these 8 songs has been replaying in both my computer and iPhones for like more than 20time each day , Ikr (I know right) Sound insane like as if i am lying...However i am not okay ! :D
Is like although i don't understand whattheheaven they are singing but the rythem is seriously nice and awesome ! ~ I guess that's one of the reason why so many people is in love with KPOP and the other reason is because of their looks i guess . :p 

WellWellWell, it's getting pretty late now and i had a long day helping out in the Red Cross Flag day 2012 so yeah ! Nights guys , love all of you and i'll blog again real soon ! ~ Muacks <3 Sleep tight and don't get bite by bedbugs ~ HAHA !
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