Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stress is officially back again !

私はスーパー今まで強調し、私はこれがすぐに実際の終了しようとしているたい!I am really stress now , i wish this could end real soon !  
 This are some of the books and test paper which i have and there are like 4 more books in school and a file too D: To be frank i think i'll not be able to do well in my N's ( N-Levels ) for some reason . I know my thoughts should not be so negative but it's really though and tiring .

With so much stuff going on and teacher teaching so fast i am worried that i can't cope with my studies anymore , EBS Coursework had started and to be honest the paper is really hard and to be frank i'm intimidated by it . If the coursework is already so hard what about the theory ?! :x

Anyway , Maths , Science and Mother Tongue are the subjects which i am extremely worried this year as i had not been doing well in those test and quizzes to be honest it's bothering me though D: 

For now , i am just living the day and study as much stuff as possible ! And i try not to worry that much ! :D So yeah...!  

Anyway photo time alright ! Since i have nothing much to say also ~ All this photos are things that is needed for my CPA coursework tomorrow !

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