Sunday, February 26, 2012

Questions ?! :D

Common test is tomorrow and i have yet to revise for my papers instead i had been going out really often , Not only to complete EBS coursework but to have fun too ! (: 
I did try to revise however everytime i try/struggle to complete my Maths 10 Years Series my mind will automatically go BLANK ! Yes i know , i know ! Wtf right .  :/ The worst thing is 
I had failed many test 
And the feeling is like...Gosh i can't think of a word to describe it ! Maybe i can used the words "Devastating" or maybe a bit worst than that.
YesYes , i guess many of you are thinking "I thought he mention that he want to remain at his current position" or maybe "Whoa ! what is he thinking ? Why had he became like this" right ?! well here's the reason for this 2 thoughts/question which many of my friends and readers want to know (:

I thought he mention that he want to remain at his current position
- Yes , i am trying really hard to remain at my current class position. However i am mentally prepared of losing the position , i am saying this is because many of my friends have been improving constantly while i have been failing and sleeping in class etc. 

Whoa ! what is he thinking ? Why had he became like this 
- I do not know if you guys know this but i had been rejected by the girl i like and it hurts a lot , i don't know why but the feeling is super uncomfortable. Anyway , i had tried to let her go but it's hard and i guess that's the reason why i had became who i am today . ): 

Are you going to be sad if you lose your title as first in class ?
- Of course i'll be sad , however what can i do ? Is my fault that i did not prepare for my Common Test so yeah ! I will be sad , however i'll work hard and try to get back my position eventually if i really happen to lose that title you mention (: 

Why are you so competitive and always want to be first ? like in your blog post you always mention about being first and stuff ? And who are your biggest competition ?  
- I guess my competitiveness was cultivated back in Sec3 last year and i guess the reason behind it was because when i was in Sec2 i was very playful and surprisingly i did well in my EOY exams...I got 2nd i guess that's when i started to get competitive as i want to get 1st.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being competitive??????
-Well , i guess the advantages is that you'll study hard to gain what you want and there's always target to aim and win people who is infront of you , however the disadvantages are you might lose your friend like how i lose my friend D: 

Alright , so i've answer five question and i guess you guys understand why have i became who i am today . Anyway for people who came here not for this kind of shitty post from me and want to know what have i been up to lately here's some stuff that i did : 
  • Shopping and hanging out with friends as usual
  • Went to watch movies with my Gan korhkorh @ GuangMing and some other friends
  • Dinner with Family etc.
  • Coffee Session with JunQi and friends (:
  • Changed my iPhone cover and added a new iPhone button sticker
  • School Milestone walk (: 12km
Coffee and hanging out session with JunQi and friends at MBS ~ 

Back home after the Milestone walk ! (: 

My iPhone new look (L) HAHA ~
Alright ! I shall post till here now , shall go and have my supper and off to shower ! ~ Sleep tight alright guys love you always <3

Signing off 
Edwin.G ` 26/2/2012

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