Monday, February 27, 2012

Milestone walk & My fun day out with korhkorh and jiejie ! (:

Me and my good/awesome sister ! (: 
Last Friday was our School Annual Milestone walk for all graduating students from Bendemeer Secondary and i got to say this it was really fun however it is tiring at the same time (: 

My thoughts for the Milestone Walk (12km walk)
I never knew that i could survive this 12km walk as i was feeling unwell on that day and i have Throat Infection and also a really bad headache that day however my teacher Mr Seah sent us a message that motivated me to go for this walk (: If it is't for him i think that i would have stay home and rest .

The journey to Marina Barrage seems really far and long and on the way there many of us have that mentality to give up , however our friends/teacher cheered us on ! Even though there's some misunderstanding on the way to Marina Barrage we've overcome it as a class (: And me and my friend have each a new goals to aim for our future (:

And overall i find this walk useful and fun as i know more about my teachers and friends (: And the sense of achievement upon reaching the destination is awesome ! (: I hope we'll have this kind of walk again but i know it's impossible.  

Me and my NPCC friends/ sister ! (:

Next part of the post - A day out with my korhkorh and jiejie ! (: 

So today was my English common test and all i can say is that it was sorta difficult but it's okay as long as i am able to pass it. (: So after school today i went out with Julin and GuangMing to Bugis to do our EBS coursework and i gotta say it was fun and awkward too...Why will it be awkward ?! It's because 
They are super sweet together and i feel so extra :/ Haha !

Anyway , we went to the library and like wtf lor we could't find any information there and seriously i got so pissed off there as we are struggling for time to complete the coursework D: So yeah !

Oh well something funny happened , we saw a aunty , Sleeping in the McDonald and i can say she's hilarious ?! :p And after that while we are going back home some annoying Singaporean riding the bike bang onto my korhkorh and like seriously Wtf is wrong with you dude ?! Can't you effing say sorry :/ And is like you are in the wrong and you still stare at us ?! Urgh ~ Nonsensical human livings ! (: 

Alright i shall post my blog till here , super tired already and i'm going off to shower now ! Science Common Test tomorrow ! :/ ~

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