Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good News ! (:

I'm so happy today ! (: As i had gotten back my result. Anyway i abandon my Maths and EBS just to update today blog post. I guess you guys want to know my result right ? Hmmm i've got 
40/40 for my Science and 19.5/20 for my CPA Common Test (: 
And to be frank i'm happy and also pissed off with the 0.5mark in my CPA paper ! D: Hmph , anyway tomorrow is my Maths paper and i am trying hard to scored full marks and hopefully i'm able to get it :x !

Anyway today school was rather boring though , was super tired for the entire day D: My Throat Infection had not recover yet so yeah it sucks ~

After school i went to Nex shopping centre with my friends and after that we went for our Badminton CCA and guess what it was super fun , I had fun chatting my Mrs Elaine Wong and Also Ms Tang and really i think i know them better now ! 
After chatting with them i went to play Badminton with my korhkorh GuangMing and it was super fun la ! Haha ~ 

To: korhkorh GuangMing 
Korhkorh , thanks for being there for me when i need you ! You had been a really awesome brother (: Sorry for ignoring you in Badminton just now ! Anyway go out together real soo alright and last long with her ! :D Haha ! I'm so glad i have a childhood friend like you ! (: 

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