Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back to school -Stressup-

Happy New Year to all my readers out there ! :DD Have a pleasant 2012 dahling ! ~

Okay , as most of you guys should know that School had reopened on 3/1/2012 which is last Tuesday right  :D Yes ! I have to say the first day of school was still alright however the second day and Third sucks big time and i can tell you guys why it Sucks :D 
  1. Gotten a haircut by the Barber which our school hired back , to be frank it's super Fugly -'-
  2. Super stressed up by the amount of Coursework we are gonna have in 3 weeks times and how will N-Levels affect us 
  3. NPCC is tough and tiring have to plan so many rubbish and to be frank i am not excited for it though
  4. Maths and Science had changed so much compared to when i was in Sec3 last year and seriously i think i am not gonna do well this year though 
  5. Mother Tongue had changed teacher and to be frank i think that the teacher don't know how to teach and it sucks for some reason 
Basically those 5 sentence up there are what make me hate school , is like it has only been like 1 week since school had started and i have already got so much rubbish to worried about ! Goddamn ! ~ D:

OhYeah , did i mention i had gotten a new Fugly haircut earlier just now :DD Yes ! I should show you guys how ugly it's now ! And i bet you guys will laugh big time :x Gosh ~
My hair is no longer bangs and the colour of my hair is back to black and somehow my hair had been really dry lately


As for the next part of my post it'll be about my CNY , okay to be frank uh , i had not purchase my CNY clothing yet as i do not have enough time . Maybe i shall do it tomorrow after school or some other depends on when i am free ~ 

Anyway as for CNY this year i think i am gonna spent more time with my friend than my family this year though ! It all depends :D

Anyway , i think i shall post till here now i am gonna go shower now and head out later with my family to Chinatown ! :D Anyway shall post all the photos which i camwhore lately :

That's all for today post alright ! :D
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