Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Facebook - 1 like 1 confession (: . so what are you waiting for ? like it now (: !

Hello people , i was really bored so i started this  1 like 1 confession (: . so what are you waiting for ? like it now (: !  so yeah here is 32 of them :D
  1. I love to camwhore and i think many people know this :DD
  2. I think that my blog is awesome even though i only get like an average of 50 people who read it daily ♥ http://clicked-n-read.blogspot.com/
  3. People who called me Gay , coward and other nicknames don't really hurts me so Whatever :D Go ahead and call what you want :D 
  4. I really hope to be famous in the future and hopefully i will :D Modelling , Singing , acting whatever :p 
  5. I really care about my NPCC rank and Badges even though i may not seem to give a shit about NPCC :D
  6.  I used to be really afraid of the dark , but i am even more afraid of ghost now :DD HAHA !
  7. I am not excited for the year 2012 D: Except for CNY !
  8. Sometimes i really dislike going to work as it's sorta boring and tiring *cross-finger* ♥
  9.  I feel sorta shy when i see the girl that i like during WEP :x For like 2 days ♥
  10. I wanna be the richest of all my classmate when we have our class gathering when we had grown up in the future :p Don't be offended guys ! Just saying :x
  11. I am sorta pissed off that my sister Eileen LuvsParkshinhye did not choose Bendemeer Sec :D
  12.  Gracenicowant Toseeyoucry Tillyoudie , Hau Min Chuang , Meryl Gigante ,Jing Cong , Rachel'ahqi Lifelikehell , Elle Lange , Siti Onenonlyme , Shermay OngLee Sheh Yee Erich , andand Mhey Llanes Tansioco i had fun working with them even though there might be bad times :D HAHA !
  13. When i was young , i always pester my parent to buy useless stuff that i want otherwise i would cry like a small baby :D
  14.  I had already lost my first kiss so don't ask me again :x Shyshy uh!
  15.  I used to think that i am right and everybody is wrong and there's a point of time where many people hate me :p
  16. Sometimes i get jealous easily example - My sister iPhone 4s and my friend iPad :D
  17. I love it when people like my status and photo not because it make me feels popular but i feel some sense of achievement :D
  18.  I used to be really afraid of piercing and even promised my primary school teacher that i'll not go and pierce my ears and stuff yet i have like 4 piercing now :X
  19. I really care about me result as all my relative and cousin are either from Express and NA not NT so yeah.....STRESS uh ~  
  20. When i was young in kindergarten we used to shower together Boy's and girls and we don't feel shy back then :x
  21. I used to hate SNSD and even called them Plastic Generation and now i regratted what i said 3 years ago and i love SNSD ♥ ♥
  22.  Me and Lixin Tan used to quarrel a lot back in Sec 1 and 2 i called her MoGui and she called me Yao Jing x
  23. Sometimes when i am sad i'll blast motivational song like "Loser Like Me" and Charice "One Day" :D
  24. My mother always force me to go to SSA for Meetings and stuff but i was declined her :x
  25. I used to slack a lot when i was in like P6 togetehr with Jean Lim and some other friends :D We watched lots of movie and stuff like that ~
  26. When i did my first Vlog i was really shy and was sorta embarrassed :D
  27.  I think i am suffering from insomnia :D Cause i had not been sleeping much lately !
  28.  When i was in p1 , there was one day where it rain and my mum carried me to my dad car and in the end the floor is slippery and fell ♥ I was really touched .
  29. When i am at home , i wear hairband as my hair is constantly touching my eye and poking my eyes :x
  30.  I miss primary school life a lot ♥
  31. I am in love with a girl called Jolin ~
  32. I used to think that WWE is way too violent but now i watched it every week and talking about it in class together with Beesin Lastlove :D
Yeah , basically that's all and yeah ! I will have more post soon and yes the USS post too :D Nights all !
oh yeah :D I shall post some photos too aye .

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