Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vivo :D

Went to Vivo with my friend Julin today :D Watched "The Muppets" (: It was awesome .
So as usual today post will be about what i did throughout the entire day and guessed what it will be in point form again :D OhYeah , actually i wanted to go off to Universal Studio Singapore however we did not have the time so yeah we went shopping instead of having fun at USS . 
  • Met up with Julin at Vivo City and decided to go and have my lunch first before deciding what to do later on 
  • After lunch , went over to GV to purchase our tickets for the show ''The Muppets"
  • Walked over to Cruise Centre to have Double Chocolate Frappe at McCafe and it was awesome
  • After 1 hour later at 6.15pm walked back to GV and went to watched our movie
  • After the movie went to the toilets and off to Bugis time check - 8:45pm
  • Chatted on the bus :D
  • Walked over to the Coffee shop opposite Iluma to have our dinner
  • ChittyChatty on the way back home 
And yeah , i know it's a short post but i have lots and lots of photos so yeah :D Sorry about that more post soon alright (!) Anyway this saturday i'll be going off to USS so yeah will blog about it soon . 


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